Johnny Depp is ‘no wife beater’, friend says after actor lost libel case

Johnny Depp is 'no wife beater', friend says after actor lost libel case

Johnny Depp lost his libel case against The Sun, deeming the latter’s claim that he is a “wife-beater,” but this friend Ross Halfin disagreed with the ruling.

Johnny Depp sued the British tabloid after it called him a “wife-beater” following his ex-wife Amber Heard’s claims that he was abusive and violent. But not everyone was happy with the verdict. Many back Depp as they continue to fight for justice for the actor.

Johnny Depp is not a wife-beater

Ross Halfin, a British rock and roll photographer, sided with Johnny Depp in his legal battle against The Sun. The judge may have ruled in that the tabloid had ground to call him a “wife-beater,” but Halfin, who personally knows Depp, refuted it.

He shared a snap of him alongside the Pirates of the Caribbean star on Instagram. In the snap, both are wearing a black top and jeans with their arm on each other’s shoulders. They are all smiles on the camera.

“I don’t want any negative comments – but take it from someone who actually knows the man; Johnny Depp is no wife beater. #rosshalfin #johnnydepp,” he wrote in the caption.


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I don’t want any negative comments – but take it from someone who actually knows the man; Johnny Depp is no wife beater . #rosshalfin #johnnydepp

A post shared by Ross Halfin (@rosshalfin) on Nov 3, 2020 at 3:14pm PST

Netizens responded to Ross’ post

Several netizens shared Ross Halfin’s sentiment about the case. They agreed that Johnny Depp is not a wife-beater, and they thanked the photographer for supporting the Fantastic Beasts star.

“Well said. Any person who has suffered at the hands of an abuser knows who the real victim is in this situation. It’s very clear,” @sapphirachattan commented.

“Take it from someone who knows. I felt almost as devastated for Johnny as I did when I lost my case. That woman cannot keep on winning, they never do.”

“This man is amazing! And indeed he ain’t a ‘wife-beater’ it just doesn’t fits[sic],” another commented.

“I totally respect that.. I know that he is not that kinda guy,” @joedahut9 added.

The photo has been shared on Twitter, too, and several netizens stand by the actor. They send love and supportive messages to Depp, whom they believe is not a wife-beater.

One shared different photos of Johnny Depp from his various movies and said Depp played a significant role in his childhood. So, she was disappointed that the system failed the actor.

“He is no wife beater. I believe Johnny Depp,” the Twitter user wrote.

Another said Depp took his case to court to make them prove that he is a wife-beater, and there was no evidence or proof, but the judge believed the hearsays. The same netizen said it was the “most injustice I’ve ever witnessed.”

Justice Andrew Nicol ended up with the conclusion after examining 14 incidents where he deemed Depp guilty of hurting Amber Heard 12 times, justifying the tabloid’s allegation as “wife-beater” to be “substantially true,” Deadline reported.


Image used courtesy of BAKOUNINE/Shutterstock

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