Johnny Depp libel case: How Amber Heards ex-husband could lose to NGN

Johnny Depp libel case: How Amber Heards ex-husband could lose to NGN

Johnny Depp appeared in court for the last time this week after three straight weeks of hearings.

According to Sky News, Johnny Depp will now have to wait for the judge’s ruling. However, the decision won’t be released anytime soon because the court will go on a break from August to September.

The publication also looked at the wealth of evidence presented by Depp and NGN’s respective lawyers. NGN received support from Depp’s ex-wife, Amber Heard, who claimed that the actor physically, emotionally, and mentally abused her.

Johnny Depp could lose the case if this happens

According to the publication, Depp’s case against NGN, the publisher of The Sun and the newspaper’s editor, Dan Wootton is a civil claim.

This means that the burden of proof lies with the defendant, NGN. The publisher needs to be able to prove their claims that Depp is a wife-beater.

The judge must be convinced that Depp committed at least one act of domestic violence against Heard to rule in NGN’s favor. The Aquaman star claimed that there were at least 14 times when Depp became abusive towards her.

As such, all bar one of the alleged 14 acts of physical violence relies entirely on Heard’s account.

Amber Heard's final statement

Johnny Depp seeking a huge sum for damages

Depp’s team said that since the allegations directed at the actor are very serious, they are seeking a very substantial award if the judge rules in their favor.

The top limit for damages is around $418,000. But Johnny Depp and his team are seeking additional for aggravated damages that have caused distress to the actor.

Some of the issues included in the reported aggravated damages include Wootton not appearing court, as well as The Sun not contacting Depp to give his response to their controversial article.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor and his legal team are also questioning why The Sun’s article is still available on the paper’s official website.

Amber Heard’s final statement

Following the final day of the hearing, Heard stepped out in public to release an official statement. The Rum Diary actress said that she didn’t want to be in court because she wants to move on from the traumatic incidents of the past.

“I did not file this lawsuit. And despite its significance, I would’ve preferred not to be here in court. It has been incredibly painful to relive the breakup of my relationship, to have my motives, my truth questioned and the most traumatic and most intimate details of my life with Johnny Depp shared in court and broadcast to the entire world. I stand by my testimony and I now place my faith in British justice,” Heard said.

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