Johnny Depp may join ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ reboot


News about the potential Pirates of the Caribbean reboot recently emerged, and it might not include its key player, Johnny Depp. Fortunately, it will never happen. The fan-favorite character, Captain Jack Sparrow, may return to give fans another laugh again in the movie’s reboot.

Fans quickly rally when they thought Johnny Depp would be out of Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. News recently surfaced that Karen Gillian would take on the lead and replaced the iconic role of Amber Heard’s former husband with hers.

Captain Jack Sparrow’s new enemy

Reports emerged that Karen Gillan will lead the next movie installment–a complete reboot from what fans used to see. According to Comic Book Movie, the 32-year-old star may play the role of Redd the Pirate.

Redd is the enemy of Captain Jack Sparrow. So, the actress may share the screen with the 56-year-old actor himself.

Hence, Johnny Depp may once again return to the franchise after the 2017 Dead Men Tell No Tales. The DisInsider noted that fans might once again see Captain Jack Sparrow and talks are now in place. This is quite the opposite of the claims that the Hollywood Vampires band member would not be part of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The publication’s editor-in-chief, Skyler Shuler, also revealed that the soft reboot could be like that of the movie Bumblebee.

“Hearing from different people that PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN could be a “soft reboot,” like BUMBLEBEE,” he tweeted. “So, Sparrow could possibly be involved. I don’t if that means starring role or cameo, or just a film in the same universe.”

He also teased that fans might get some clarity about Johnny Depp’s future on the movie franchise. After Collider’s editor-in-chief, Steven Weintraub, talked to the producer Jerry Bruckheimer, he might reveal what would happen soon.

However, as the film is still in the earliest stage of development, things may again change.

Johnny Depp’s return to the franchise

Disney remains mum about Johnny Depp’s return to Pirates of the Caribbean 6. Until it finally decides to address the issue, the talks will remain rampant.

The actor has been dumped from the franchise due to his ongoing legal battle with Amber Heard. However, after the allegations he made against her, the public opinion has changed, making it now in his favor. It even leads to several online petitions, asking Mouse House to make Johnny Depp once again part of the movie franchise, according to We Got This Covered.

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