Johnny Depp may join this established movie franchise if not ‘Pirates’

The return of Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise remains to be a big mystery, but fans may see him in another movie series.

Disney had, reportedly, dropped Johnny Depp from the Pirates films. However, his incredible acting career might continue if he joined this already established franchise.

Depp in the Pirates movies

Pirates made Depp a bigger star than what he already was since he made The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003.

Depp already became a household name since he frequently collaborated with Tim Burton, appearing in most of his movies.

However, when he did Pirates, he became the most well-known actor in the industry, Express noted. But, Disney decided to drop the 57-year-old star after his high-profile trial revealed his life’s details.

Hence, fans might no longer see him as Captain Jack Sparrow in the franchise. But, this would not be the end of Depp’s career.

Johnny Depp may join Sherlock Holmes franchise

Depp was being eyed to join the Sherlock Holmes franchise with Robert Downey, Jr.

We Got This Covered reported The Avengers star wanted to take Amber Heard’s former husband under his wing. From here, he might bring him on board for Sherlock Holmes 3.

“A senior source at Warner Bros. [says] Bob wants Johnny on board, come hell or high water,” a source said.

Depp, reportedly, found it hard to find new projects to do today because of his ongoing trial.

Thankfully, Downey wanted him to join his movie franchise. The 55-year-old actor was now busy at work for the film’s third installment, working alongside his wife, Susan Downey.

Depp’s alleged $50 million demand

Meanwhile, rumors recently emerged Depp was demanding $50 million to return to the Pirates franchise.

A tabloid claimed the musician had a change of heart and wanted to re-join the movie series. Allegedly, the high-salary demand was due to his “stalled career” and “dwindling bank account.”

A source claimed Depp was desperate for cash that he would only accept a big contract.

“He’ll return for a huge fee — $50 million,” the insider disclosed. Ironically, the said amount was the same in his defamation suits.

Gossip Cop debunked this claim, stressing everything was wrong about the story. For the 2011 Pirates movie, On Stranger Tides, Depp got $55 million.

So, there was no way for him to get paid less if he was about to do another Pirates film. He was also not desperate for work, as his recent movie, Waiting for the Barbarians, just came out.

Johnny Depp also had two films coming, Minamata and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3. Hence, the rumors about his demand were not true at all.

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