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Johnny Depp named ‘wife-beating monster, hopeless addict’ by The Sun lawyer


Lawyers of The Sun’s publisher, News Group Newspapers, named Johnny Depp a “hopeless addict” and “wife-beating monster.”

On the penultimate day of the high-profile court battle, the High Court heard the lawyers’ closing submissions for the defamation case Johnny Depp filed against the British newspaper.

The 57-year-old actor sued The Sun’s executive editor Dan Wootton and NGN over the 2018 article that named him a wife-beater.

An alleged ‘wife-beating monster’

In their final submissions, Sasha Wass called Amber Heard’s ex-husband a “hopeless addict.”

She claimed he would usually go very wasted that he had no idea he’s turning into a “wife-beating monster.”

“The other aspect which is important in terms of substance abuse is Mr. Depp’s recollection of his own disgraceful conduct, which is so severely impaired by drug misuse that he may not even have been aware of the extent of his violence and terrifying behavior,” Wass explained.

She added the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s “drug and alcohol-fueled lifestyle” became the center of his alleged violent relationship with the 34-year-old actress, Page Six noted.

“It demonstrates that [Depp] was subject to irrational mood swings and abnormal behavioral patterns, which would not have been present when Mr. Depp was clean and sober,” Wass continued. “Mr. Depp has a name for this metamorphosed entity, namely ‘The Monster.'”

A ‘hopeless addict’

Wass revealed all the testimonies given in the two-week trial proved that Depp was a “hopeless addict.”

She alleged he repeatedly lost control of himself and couldn’t stop his anger that his ex-wife started to fear for her life.

According to Independent, Heard revealed Depp threatened to kill her a lot of times, especially in the latter part of their relationship. She also accused him of verbal and physical abuse; while he would blame his actions on another part of himself, he called “the monster.”

Depp vehemently denied these claims, calling it a “choreographed hoax.”

He told the court his relationship with Heard was a “crime scene waiting to happen.”

He even said she’s the abusive one. However, Wass argued there was evidence to prove that Depp beat Heard not just once.

Hence, she insisted that the Aquaman star’s claims were valid, making her the most credible witness for the case.

“The days are long past when the courts in this country required corroboration before accepting the unsupported testimony of a female complainant,” she suggested.

Wass assured Amber Heard did love Johnny Depp. However, she later met the monster when she’s already “so in love” and “committed” to make their relationship work.

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