Johnny Depp will return as Captain Jack Sparrow again


Johnny Depp once again returns as Captain Jack Sparrow. The 57-year-old actor dons his iconic pirate suit to surprise the young patients of Queensland Children’s Hospital.

In collaboration with Juiced TV, Johnny Depp tries to boost the spirits of the hospital’s young patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it was only done virtually, Amber Heard’s ex-husband made sure he would be in full character, complete with a pirate-themed room and his role’s famed accent.

Sparrow’s return to making kids happy

“It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been there, and I miss it, and I wanted to say hello,” he said, via E! News. “It’s a wonderful facility.”

The musician assured the patients that he is with them, sending all his love, irreverence, and ignorance. “It’s fun to be ignorant and irreverent sometimes. And you deserve to be if you feel that,” he added.

He also told the kids that he loved them and thanked them for sticking with him despite his extraordinary years.

Johnny Depp specifically talked to young patients, Gabby, Asha, and Thomas. He answered their questions and even played games with them.

In true Captain Jack Sparrow fashion, of course, there were also some hilarious antics.

He then proudly said that talking to these kids was one of the “finest and most beautiful” things he had ever experienced.

“That is because of all of your commitment to this project and to also just taking care of one another, to helping out when times are curious and confusing,” he explained.

Of course, Johnny Depp also praised the hospital staff, thanking everyone who made the virtual visit possible.

“I have been there, and I’ve seen the amount of forward motion and instant movement that goes down in your kind of facilities,” he said. “You guys work—all the nurses, the healthcare workers, the doctors—you work like absolute heroes.” 

“I thank you all for allowing me to have this time with you—either as Johnny or as Captain Jack,” he continued before officially signing off.

Johnny’s hospital visits

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic grapples the world, Johnny Depp has been regularly visiting kids in the hospitals as Captain Jack Sparrow.

According to Hollywood Lifehe personally visited the Queensland Children’s Hospital in 2015. At the time, he was in Australia for the filming of Dead Men Tell No Tales, donning his iconic pirate suit.

Johnny Depp usually hugged kids, posed for photographs with them and the hospital staff that put a smile on their faces. 

Featured image used courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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