Johnny Depp praised Amber for getting him clean before their divorce

Johnny Depp praised Amber Heard for her helping him get clean before their divorce.

Years ago, Johnny Depp wrote an email to Heard’s mom, where he gushed over his ex-wife.

Johnny Depp grateful for Amber Heard’s help to get him sober

In the email, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor said that he’s beyond grateful for Heard’s help on the island. He also said that Heard’s efforts amounted to heroism.

“Your daughter has risen far above taking care of this poor old junkie. [She had the] strength of 1,000 men. I would have gone for a swim and swallowed a big drink of ocean without her… It was Amber and Amber only who got me through it,” he wrote.

In his text message to Heard, Depp also thanked the Aquaman star for getting him clean.

“Thank you so much for getting me [expletive] clean, baby,” he said.

When the text message was read in court, Depp claimed that he only sent it to Heard to make her happy.

In 2014, Heard traveled with Depp to his private island in the Bahamas so he could undergo drug detoxification. According to The Guardian, the goal was to help the actor withdraw from Roxicodone.

Amber Heard told the nurse that Johnny Depp was attacking her

Amber Heard told the nurse that Johnny Depp was attacking her

Heard, reportedly, followed the nurse’s instructions to deliver a strict regime of medicines to help Johnny Depp with his addiction. At one point, The Rum Diary actress texted the nurse to ask for help.

The actress said that Depp was suddenly flipping and pushing her, and she doesn’t know what to do. The Edward Scissorhands actor defended his actions by saying that he’s in a great deal of pain back then.

Did Johnny lie about his injured finger?

During his third day in court, it was revealed that Depp might have lied about his previous claim that Heard injured his finger. The lawyer read out a text message that the actor sent to his lawyer, where he said that he cut the top of his middle finger off.

When asked what his text message meant, Depp said, “That doesn’t mean to say I myself did it.”

Actor’s lawsuits

Depp is in court after filing a lawsuit against The Sun and NGN for calling him a wife-beater. The publication and its publisher also accused the actor of attacking Heard.

Next year, Johnny Depp will face Heard in court after he filed a $50 million defamation case against her. In her op-ed piece, Heard, reportedly, claimed that she’s a victim of domestic violence.

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