Johnny Depp receives support from staff against Amber Heard’s allegations

Johnny Depp receives support from staff against Amber Heard's allegations

Johnny Depp received support from three of his staff during his court hearing this week against a British publication.

Samantha McMillen has worked as a stylist for Johnny Depp for 18 years. She also served as Amber Heard’s stylist while the latter was married to Depp.

McMillen appeared in a witness video-link on the sixth day of Depp’s trial against The Sun and NGN. The Hollywood-based stylist was asked about an alleged assault incident in December 2015.

Amber Heard didn’t reportedly have bruises on her face

Heard previously claimed that she and Depp got into an altercation the night before she filmed The Late Late Show With James Corden. After the filming, Heard, allegedly, asked McMillen a cryptic question.

“Can you believe I just did that show with two black eyes?” Heard said.

However, McMillen claimed that she didn’t notice any marks on the actress’s face. Since they were at close range, the stylist also noticed that Heard wasn’t wearing makeup.

Sasha Wass, the lawyer for The Sun, asked if there was a conflict of interest in McMillen’s accounts because she has been working for Depp for years.

“I was close to Heard at the time. I don’t know what you are insinuating but I would not perjure myself for anyone. I’m obviously loyal because of [Depp’s] kind and loyal back, but without any other reason than that,” she said.

Johnny Depp finger allegedly cut off by Amber Heard

Johnny Depp finger allegedly cut off by Amber Heard

Malcolm Connolly, who has worked for Johnny Depp for 16 years also defended his boss.

Connolly said that he never saw the Pirates of the Caribbean actor hitting his ex-wife. He also said that if he did, he wouldn’t tolerate Depp’s actions.

Depp’s security staff was asked about an alleged incident in Australia in March 2015. Connolly said that when he arrived at the place where the couple was staying, he heard a ruckus. Depp was also, reportedly, in a state of distress.

The Edward Scissorhands, allegedly, told Connolly that Heard cut off his finger. And his ex-wife also, allegedly, smashed his hand with a vodka bottle.

According to Connolly, Depp told him that the Aquaman star put a cigarette on his face. And the security staff confirmed that he saw a mark on the actor’s face. However, he said that he never saw injuries on Heard.

Tara Roberts, who has worked as the estate manager for Depp on his island in the Bahamas, described the actor as kind. Roberts also said that she has never seen Johnny Depp being violent towards his ex-wife.

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