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Johnny Depp slept with Angelina Jolie before Vanessa Paradis split: Rumor


Johnny Depp allegedly slept with Angelina Jolie, and it caused Vanessa Paradis to end her over a decade long relationship with the actor.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis were together for 14 years. However, they parted ways after having two kids. According to one outlet, Angelina Jolie had something to do with their separation.

Johnny Depp allegedly slept with Angelina Jolie

Vanessa Paradis was “absolutely convinced” that Johnny Depp slept with Angelina Jolie when they were filming The Tourist. In fact, according to the Hindustan Times, it was the cause of their split.

“It’s no coincidence that things began to unravel for Johnny and Vanessa when he started working with Angelina on The Tourist last February,” an insider said.

“Vanessa was absolutely convinced that Johnny slept with Angelina, and her jealousy and suspicions ended up destroying them. Vanessa was against Johnny working with Angelina in the first place. Angelina drove a wedge between them.”

However, one should take the report with a grain of salt because there is no concrete evidence to support it.

Jolie on working with Johnny Depp

In 2010, Angelina Jolie spoke about her working relationship with Johnny Depp. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jolie said that they enjoyed filming The Tourist.

The Maleficent star also confessed that she loved Depp’s movie. However, they only met each other through their movie.

“We just got put together in the film and we both like each other’s movies, but had never met,” Jolie said.

“And we met and we talked about kids for the first hour and France for the second and had a good laugh. We really enjoyed working with each other in the film and I hope that comes across.”

When they were filming, Jolie was dating Brad Pitt. Meanwhile, Depp was living in the French countryside with Vanessa Paradis and their kids. Jolie attended the premiere of the movie with her long-time boyfriend, Pitt.

Jolie and Brad Pitt also met on a movie set

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt also met when they filmed Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2004. At the time, Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

The Friends alum also met Jolie once before they filmed the action-comedy movie. Aniston even told Jolie that Pitt was excited about their project. She also wished them to have a good time together.

Shortly after Pitt and Jolie started filming, he became emotionally unavailable to Aniston. The couple announced their split in 2005.

Many believed that Jolie had something to do with Pitt and Aniston’s split. However, the Ad Astra actor denied it. Pitt said there was no affair.

Meanwhile, Jolie confessed in an interview that there was an instant connection between her and Pitt. They enjoyed whatever they do together. She also admitted that she couldn’t wait to get to work at the time to be with Pitt.

Aniston wasn’t happy with Jolie’s confession and called it “uncool.”

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