Johnny Depp struggles to find acting jobs following Amber’s allegations?


Johnny Depp is, allegedly, struggling to find acting jobs following Amber Heard’s allegations.

According to National Enquirer, it doesn’t matter if Johnny Depp will be proven to be guilty or not after he filed a lawsuit against NGN and The Sun editor, Dan Wootton.

“He’s damaged goods in the public’s eyes and Hollywood’s eyes. He’s going to have a tough time finding producers willing to attach his name to their projects. His ship may be sunk!” the unnamed source said.

Johnny Depp was allegedly a wife-beater

Throughout the past couple of weeks, Depp has been giving his accounts in court amid claims that he is a wife-beater. Earlier this week, Heard also took the stand to expose the dirt on her ex-husband.

The Aquaman star claimed that Depp physically abused her at least 14 times throughout the span of their relationship. And on one occasion, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, allegedly, pulled her hair.

Heard showed photos of her head in court where clumps of hair were removed after Depp, allegedly, pulled them. The Rum Diary actress also showed photos of Depp’s handwriting on the mirror. The Edward Scissorhands actor, allegedly, wrote “I love you” using blood.

National Enquirer, reportedly, tried to reach out to Depp for comment but he didn’t respond. In court, the actor denied all Heard’s allegations.

Johnny Depp allegedly wanted Amber Heard to stay at home

Meanwhile, Heard’s friend and acting coach, Kristina Sexton came to the actress’ defense. Sexton said that she never witnessed Depp being violent towards his ex-wife but she was aware of how volatile their relationship was. She also, reportedly, overheard some serious fights before they started their coaching sessions.

Heard, reportedly, told Sexton that Depp didn’t want her to work or audition for movies because he wants her to be barefoot and pregnant at home. Depp also didn’t want Heard to audition for overtly sexual roles.

Sexton added that Heard became a nervous wreck during auditions because she feared her ex-husband’s reaction.

Amber Heard told her acting coach about her ex-husband physically abusing her

In 2016, the acting coach figured out that there was trouble in paradise after Heard commented on her makeup.

“It made me think that she was covering up a black eye or some sort of bruise – and I asked her directly: ‘Did he hit you?’ But after I pressed her about it, she then admitted he had hit her. She admitted to me: ‘Yeah, he pushes and shoves me, he’s done some things,’” she said.

Johnny Depp and Heard will also face in court early next year after the former filed a defamation case against the latter.

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