Johnny Depp: The improvisations he made to make Captain Jack Sparrow iconic

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp may have a slew of iconic roles, but fans will surely best remember him as Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.

Aside from portraying the legendary character in the movie series, he has made several improvisations to make the role all the more iconic.

Sure, Sparrow looks drunk at times, but did you know that Johnny Depp just added that to his character’s theme? It was never in the script. Also, the 57-year-old actor only improvised some of the movies’ iconic lines.

Depp’s convincing portrayal of Sparrow

Depp’s portrayal of Sparrow was so effective people at the studio thought he was really drunk.

So, Disney execs were afraid of what he was about to bring to the table, thanks to his slurred speeches.

“They were nervous. They were afraid no one would understand a word Captain Jack said,” he revealed, via Cinemablend. “I got calls from them asking, ‘Is he drunk? Are you drunk? What’s the thing with his hands?'”

Despite the questions, Depp never felt discouraged.

“I wasn’t discouraged in the slightest. It fuels me,” he explained. “I know that if they’re worried, I’m doing my job.”

So, when the film’s bosses asked him to “bring it down,” he would do the opposite.

“I turned it up,” he added.

It couldn’t be denied that fans loved Depp’s portrayal of Sparrow. From delivering his iconic lines to surviving his different adventures, everything resonated with the viewers.

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Making the Pirates script ‘savvy’

Certainly, Depp has made his mark as the legendary pirate of the Seven Seas.

Who would ever forget his claim that he had escaped the marooned island by sailing two sea-turtles to safety?

But did you know Depp was only creating a lot of his iconic lines in the movie by himself?

“A line will just come to me,” he revealed, via Express. “I’ll incorporate it into the thing and obviously run it by [the writers and director] and the other actors certainly.”

He even admitted he enjoyed doing ad-libs and seeing the surprised faces of his co-stars.

“People panic for a second,” he explained. “That kind of panic is fun and I think important, good for you.”

These things made Depp loved his character all the more because he could say almost anything.

“When I play Captain Jack, there is rarely a time when I am not smiling,” he continued. “Just being him makes me smile.”

By the looks of it, one of the too many things Depp brought to Pirates of the Caribbean was making the script “savvy.”

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