Johnny Depp threatened to put Amber’s dog in the microwave: report

Johnny Depp, allegedly, threatened to put Amber Heard’s dog in the microwave.

During this week’s court hearing, Johnny Depp admitted to threatening Heard and her dog when they were still together. However, the actor, reportedly, said it as a joke because Heard’s Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Pistol was so small.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor claimed that throwing Heard’s dog in the oven was a running joke between the former couple during their two-year marriage.

Johnny Depp denies abusing Amber Heard’s dog

But a lawyer asked Depp for more details regarding the incident.

“At one stage you took hold of Ms. Heard’s dog, held her out of the window, and started making howling noises?” the lawyer asked Depp (via Daily Star).

“It’s a very enduring image but it is absolutely utterly fraudulent,” he said.

Johnny Depp’s text messages to Paul Bettany

The Edward Scissorhands actor was also questioned about the text messages that he sent to British actor Paul Bettany. In the text messages, Depp said that he would set Heard on fire. The actor also said that he would burn Heard’s corpse afterward.

During his hearing, the actor admitted that he was being respectful to Heard in his text messages to Bettany.

Johnny Depp accused of assaulting Amber Heard

Johnny Depp accused of assaulting Amber Heard

The lawyer also asked Depp about an alleged incident in March 2013 when the actor, reportedly, hit Heard after she laughed at his tattoo. Back then, the actor altered his Winona Ryder-inspired tattoo.

Heard claimed that after she laughed at the tattoo, Depp, allegedly, slapped her three times before breaking down in tears and asking for his ex-wife’s forgiveness.

However, Johnny Depp denied the allegations.

“That is not correct. That’s not true. It did not happen. That’s patently untrue. I did not hit Ms. Heard,” he said.

Depp also denied the claims that his alter ego is called the monster.

Actor denies more allegations in court

The lawyer also asked the actor regarding another alleged incident when he assaulted Heard over her relationship with James Franco. The lawyer said that Depp slapped his ex-wife on the face, kicked her in the back, and he cussed at her before asking for oxygen.

Depp once again denied the allegations, and he said that he asked for oxygen as a joke.

And after an audio recording of him wailing like an animal in pain was played in the courtroom, Depp’s defense was that he had been drinking and taking drugs back then. However, the actor denied that he assaulted Heard.

Johnny Depp then sent Heard a letter of apology following the alleged altercation.

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