Johnny Depp’s fans attack Amber Heard on Twitter after he loses libel case

Several fans of Johnny Depp have taken to Twitter and have slammed Amber Heard after the star has lost the battle on his libel case.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were in the public eye for pretty a while now. Their criminal struggle has taken a center level in recent weeks.

In current developments from Johnny Depp’s libel case, the Pirates of the Caribbean celebrity lost his excessive court docket struggle, consistent with each day mail record.

After the court ruled that Depp become violent at some stage in his dating with Amber Heard, fanatics of Johnny Depp launched a war on social media towards the actress.

Fans have been targeting Heard’s account for a long time

Johnny Depp’s fans have targeted the actress for a long time now. This online battle has continued for a long time and has targeted the media as well.

Several fans have stated the following:

“I will never stop supporting this man. We all know that Johnny will and never do such thing in his life, and Heard needs to stop.”

“Only one person had to have different places to stay and called bodyguards for help when things got violent in their relationship. Hint, it wasn’t Amber Heard.”

Johnny Depp loses the case despite the evidence provided

In keeping with a report with the aid of The Mirror. Co. United kingdom, Johnny Depp, misplaced his libel case towards The Sun.

They had posted an editorial in which Johnny Depp alleged that he had abused Amber Heard for their marriage duration.

The actor has vehemently denied being abusive and had earlier accused Amber Heard of being violent throughout their relationship, which she has frequently dismissed claims.

The case has not come to a final point, but fans are enraged by the idea that the actor’s plea has not been heard on the court and that the whole jury is against him.

The decision ruled that what the reports had posted regarding Depp being violent in the direction of amber heard was considerably accurate.

On Friday, Depp changed into requested to step down from his function in the third installation of Fantastic Beasts.

Johnny Depp launched a legit assertion and showed that he plans to appeal the ruling.

The actor has turned to his social media account and has said that he is thankful to his fans who have helped me through the tough time to fight it through.

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