Johnny Depp’s libel case defeat a warning to Meghan Markle’s privacy lawsuit

Johnny Depp libel case defeat a warning to Meghan Markle's privacy lawsuit

Johnny Depp lost his libel case against The Sun, and the verdict has some lessons for Meghan Markle as she goes after Mail on Sunday for publishing her private letters.

Johnny Depp didn’t get the result he wanted after suing The Sun for calling him “wife-beater.” Another celebrity, Meghan Markle, also filed a lawsuit against another U.K tabloid, Mail on Sunday, over privacy and copyright infringement for publicizing her personal letters. There is something in Depp’s case that Markle should learn, according to an expert.

Johnny Depp libel case has some lessons for Meghan Markle

Amber Melville-Brown, head of the media and reputation at law firm Withers, spoke about Johnny Depp’s libel case after the actor lost to the British tabloid. She related Depp’s case to Markle’s lawsuit against Mail on Sunday.

“I definitely think there’s a lesson here for Meghan—watch out because litigation is a very dangerous game,” Melville-Brown told Newsweek.

“A decision to push the nuclear button of litigation can blow up in a claimant’s face.”

The public, probably, including Markle, had watched Depp’s libel case against The Sun, and it was disastrous because a lot of private details had been discussed. What happened to Depp was something Markle may have already pondered on.

“Meghan must be sitting at home thinking to herself: ‘There but for the grace of God go I,'” the expert continued.

“It’s by the grace of her own litigation. She could be going in the same direction. Has she still got the stomach for the fight? Does she want to see herself in the same position, being subject to hostile cross-examination, her private life and her private thoughts on display?”

Markle’s case delayed, sparks pregnancy rumors

Meghan Markle asked the court to move the trial of her case against Mail on Sunday. The judge agreed to move it nine months later, and many speculated that the duchess made the request because she is expecting her second baby.

In fact, some fans are already betting when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will make their second baby announcement.

Meanwhile, Markle’s dad, Thomas Marle Sr., was not happy with the delay. He was set to give testimony in the trial, and he wanted it to be done as soon as possible because it has been affecting his health.

Markle Sr. is already 76 years old, and no male relatives in their family has ever “lived beyond 80.” He feared for his health, and that might he might not live long enough to testify.

“I am a realist and I could die tomorrow. The sooner this case takes place the better,” he said.


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