JoJo Siwa officially comes out of the closet by wearing ‘Best Gay Cousin’ shirt

JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa finally embraced her true self and, apparently, came out as gay while wearing a shirt that said: “Best Gay Cousin Ever.”

This week, JoJo Siwa appeared to confirm the rumors surrounding her gender through the shirt. She then followed it with several TikTok posts and social media updates.

It all started on Wednesday evening when Siwa shared a TikTok clip in which she performed and lip-synced Lady Gaga’s queer anthem, Born This Way.

She stirred more speculations as she flaunted a rainbow-colored bow in the video.

Following the bombshell clip, she appeared in another TikTok video with several cast members of Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie.

The hashtag #pridehousela can also be seen on the video.

After Siwa posted the videos, internet users assumed they were all part of the icon’s coming out.

While it could be good news to some, other people warned one another not to label her sexuality until she comes out.

On Jan. 22, she seemingly confirms the internet talks by posting a photo of herself wearing the aforesaid t-shirt from her cousin.

As of the writing, the post already has over half a million likes. This caused her to top the trending list on Friday.

Siwa receives heartwarming support

Soon after she posted the picture on Twitter, her colleagues and fans commended her for being true to herself.

Lil Nas X, who also came out as gay during the last day of Pride month in 2019, said, “if u spell ‘swag’ backwards, it’s ‘gay’. coincidence??”

“I’ve known you a long time and this is the happiest I’ve ever seen you,” Colleen Ballinger wrote. “You’re absolutely glowing and I’m so proud of the woman you are becoming! love yoooou!”

“We don’t know her label yet, but thinking about the number of young kids who watch her. She came out at the top of her career and I respect it so much,” Torrey Mercer added.

The overwhelming amount of support she received came nearly a year after she sparked dating rumors with a family friend, Elliott Brown.

In May 2020, the 17-year-old Kid in a Candy Store told Us Weekly that she and Brown never dated.

“We’re still totally friends and nothing happened. Like, we never were dating. We were close and we were right at the edge. Like, we almost crossed the line,” she went on.

Featured image courtesy of JoJo Siwa’s Official YouTube Channel

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