Josh Duggar family allegedly knows his arrest is coming for weeks: report

Josh Duggar family allegedly know his arrest is coming for weeks: report

Josh Duggar has made headlines again after he was arrested by federal agents, and his family allegedly know that it was coming, according to a source.

Josh Duggar has been arrested by federal agents Thursday. His arrest happened just days after his wife, Anna Duggar, announced on Instagram that they are expecting their seventh child.

Josh Duggar family allegedly expected his arrest

Josh Duggar has been arrested by federal agents on Thursday. He was taken into custody in Washington County at 1:15 p.m.

In his mugshot, the disgraced Duggar looked disheveled with a bizarre smirk on his face. An anonymous source spoke with The Sun about his arrest and claimed that the family knew it was happening.

The outlet noted that the arrest was related to the 2019 Homeland Security raid on his car dealership in Springdale, Arkansas. There had been “ongoing federal investigation” at his property, but no charges were filed until now.

An insider told The Sun that he “turned himself in” without incident. His family was reportedly extremely concerned about the whole ordeal.

“The family has known that this has been coming for weeks, and Josh has been preparing himself,” the source said.

Josh’s family is praying for him and Anna. They also wanted to know the truth about his arrest.

“They know that this will put them in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, and are stunned they are having to go through this again,” the insider added.

The Duggar family will address the issue shortly. They are also hoping that Josh’s recent predicament will bring them closer together and closer to God, the insider added.


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Anna announced her seventh pregnancy

Josh Duggar’s arrest happened just days after his wife, Anna Duggar, shared a gender reveal video on Instagram. The couple announced last Friday that they are expecting their seventh baby, and it’s a girl.

Several congratulated the couple for their upcoming bundle of joy. However, many also questioned how they were able to afford their growing family’s need since Josh no longer appears on his family’s reality show, Counting On. Some also asked Anna if her husband has a job.

Anna defended her husband, saying, “yes” Josh has a job. She also complimented him as a “diligent worker” and a good provider to their family.

Josh’s molestation scandal revisited

Josh Duggar was involved in a molestation scandal in 2015. The controversy led TLC to axe their family’s long-time running show 19 Kids and Counting.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Josh’s sister Jinger Duggar said the incident helped her realized who her true friends were at the time. Jinger said being their friends amid the controversy was not popular, but some stuck on them.

She also said that the incident has a silver lining. Josh’s scandal brought their family closer to each other.


Image used courtesy of Us Weekly/YouTube Screenshot

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