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Josh Duggar hooked up with Danica Dillon, says Anna stays due to obligation


Josh Duggar admitted that he was being unfaithful to his wife Anna Duggar. He allegedly hooked up with porn star Danica Dillon who claimed Anna keeps the marriage due to obligation.

Josh Duggar shocked many after learning that he used the cheating website Ashley Maddison. Hackers infiltrated the website and released the names of the users which included Josh.

The scandalous incident rocked Josh and Anna’s marriage. However, she decided to stay and keep her vows.

Josh Duggar and Anna still together

Josh Duggar had sexual encounters with Danica Dillon whom he met through the cheating website. The eldest of the “19 Kids and Counting” brood also molested four of his sisters and a babysitter.

Despite all the scandals, Josh’s wife Anna stayed. Dillon whose real name Ashley Johnston, was reportedly concerned with Anna. She believed that she only stayed out of obligation, Showbiz CheatSheet reported.

She understood that it would be difficult for Anna to walk away from her marriage especially that at the time, they already had four kids. Since then, the couple added two more kids to their growing family.

Josh vs Danica legal battle

Danica Dillon filed a lawsuit against Josh Duggar due to their rough intercourse. According to her, he choked, spat, and called her worthless while he used her.

Josh denied Dillard’s accusations. In 2016, Dillard surprisingly dropped her sexual assault lawsuit against Josh.

Furthermore, she promised to never ever refile the case against the reality star. In return, Josh agreed not to file the documents that proved Dillon lied about the incident.

Also, she acknowledged the documents in Josh’s hands that conclusively proved she lied, TMZ reported.

Danica opened up about the legal battle

In a new exclusive interview with The Sun, Dillon said she had always told the truth. Even if she dropped the lawsuit against Josh, she insisted that her claims were true.

In her account, she recalled meeting the reality star at a club and he was like an average normal person. Josh reportedly asked her to hang out after and she declined because she had friends in town.

However, the reality star was persistent. Josh stayed until she was done. Eventually, Dillon agreed and gave him her room number.

“He came up. And it started off normal, but then it just got super aggressive… my airflow [was restricted], I was doing things that were super uncomfortable to me and I had said no multiple times,” Dillon told

“So fast forward, like it all ends. And money got thrown on my hotel dresser and he walked out. And then of course I counted the money and it was short and I was super frustrated. I was like, ‘This guy tried to kill me, and he didn’t even pay me.’”

Danica is already happily married with four kids. Meanwhile, Josh and Anna are doing good following the controversies that plague their family.

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