Journalist Tova O’Brien praised for her ‘heroic’ interview

Journalist Tova O’Brien has been praised after her latest “heroic” interview. She shut down former MP Jami-Lee Ross for spreading fake news over the COVID-19.

Newshub‘s Tova O’Brien was interacting with MP Ross when she bashed him for misleading people about the pandemic.

It happened during the Newshub Nation Interview.

News anchor O’Brien held the ex-politician Ross responsible in his role in creating false information about coronavirus.

She told him that he tried to create fear and hysteria among people by saying factually wrong information.

News outlets shower praise on Tova O’Brien

Following the gutsy reply of O’Brien to Mr. Ross, major news outlets are admiring her. On social media, The Guardian, CNN, Good Morning Britain, and The Intercept are praising her.

The interview clip already has more than 7 million views as of now.

Several tweets praising the New Zealand journalist read:

“This is @TovaOBrien, and she has some fans in the US!”

“One of the most amazingly savage interviews you’ll ever watch.”

“An absolute masterclass in interviewing a politician by New Zealand’s @TovaOBrien – one of the best interviews of a politician I’ve seen. Also, one of the most entertaining.”

Upon learning about her interview that’s now gone viral, O’Brien was happy.

“Whoa! That’s quite something to wake up to,” she wrote in her tweet on Monday.

There’s a dire need for such news anchors and journalists who stand against misleading information. And that too, with an immediate, spontaneous reaction.

COVID-19 cases surging across the globe

Speaking of the pandemic scenario, the new cases are increasing daily across the globe. And now the total figure has crossed the mark of 40 million.

The number of total deaths has gone beyond 11 lakh.

The top three countries worst affected are the United States, India, and Brazil. However, other European nations are facing new waves, as well.

Recently, the United Kingdom announced that a new wave of the COVID-19 had hit the region. And currently, all the households and areas are closed due to strict regulations.

Talking about South Asian countries, then India has a huge surge every 24 hours. Total cases are now approaching 80 lakh.

And sadly, it won’t take long for the cases to cross that figure and even match the US.

The vaccine is not yet developed in any part of the world because scientists are still working hard over the accuracy and successful trials.

Interestingly, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany did assert last month over the vaccine.

She said that their team of scientists is trying to develop a successful solution before the year-end.

Image courtesy of Newshub/YouTube Screenshot

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