‘Journey to the Savage Planet’ Switch version out now on eShop


Journey to the Savage Planet is coming to the Switch today, and it’s a great time to explore. The digital version of the game is available on the Switch eShop for $29.99.

For those who want a physical copy of the game, fans would need to wait until late June. According to a tweet from the game’s official account, the Journey to the Savage Planet EU release will start June 25. The North American release will follow, while the Asian release settles at TBA.

Savage Planet lets you explore a colorful, hostile world

The comedy space adventure FPS came out last January on three major platforms, including PC, Xbox, and Playstation. The game follows an anonymous employee of Kindred Aerospace, the “4th best interstellar exploration company.”

The company tasks the player to charter an unexplored planet named ARY-26. The planet is colorful, full of alien life forms from various plant life to animals of various kinds. The player needs to catalog flora and fauna of the planet and craft resources they need.

There are also upgrades that players can use to traverse inaccessible areas like jetpacks and grappling hooks. The game is playable as a single-player campaign or coop with another friend.

Not everything is fine and dandy, however, as players would also need to fight off hostile creatures. The game plays like a Metroidvania game, allowing for free exploration. Players can come back to older areas with new powerups too.

JSP is a condensed version of Outer Worlds and a better No Man’s Sky

The visuals of Journey to the Savage Planet is reminiscent of Obsidian’s Outer Worlds, with an improvement on the gameplay of No Man’s Sky. The humor of the game is superb, using a combination of scripted and accidents through the game’s systems.

The entire game is also not a tedious fetch quest game. The game is shorter than the average adventure because it never overstays its welcome. It’s enjoyable and straightforward, with a pulp-like storyline that comes off as relaxing.

While the shortness takes away a little from the experience, the game is as good as it gets. For players itching for a longer experience, Outer Worlds is a likely alternative. Outer Wilds is also a solid choice.

The game received a generally favorable Metascore both on PC and Xbox, with a mixed or average Metascore for PS4. For players who want to play on PC instead, the game is on sale on the Epic Games Store. Journey to the Savage Planet has a 40% discount as part of the current Epic Games Mega Sale.

Featured image courtesy of 505 Games/Youtube Screenshot

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