JRPG-themed pinball game ‘Brave Pinball’ is headed to Steam next month

JRPG-themed pinball game 'Brave Pinball' is headed to Steam next month

Japanese developers break ground on yet another new genre with Brave Pinball, an RPG-style pinball game—because why not?

Japanese devs Power Unit and Apollosoft have boldly gone where few even dreamed of going, by creating Brave Pinball—a pinball title that features 16-bit Japanese role-playing game elements.

It seems to be a new breed of a video game (at least in the West) that looks like the lovechild between Pokemon Pinball and Fantasy Fantasy 5. The quirky title was released last April on a couple of retail sites but will find its way to Steam on August 4, 2020, according to the Japanese gaming website Gematsu.

The Steam version will support four different language options: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

Brave Pinball has a story—believe it or not

Apparently, the premise behind this oddball title entails the resurrection of the Demon Dragon King known as Boruaka, who ends up turning the entire world into a giant pinball game.

Fol—the game’s protagonist—will have to wield his trusty “flipper blades” to vanquish the Demon King and his lackeys once and for all. Players will have to fight (or flip) their way across various JRPG-inspired levels such as caves, castles, forests, and fields, all of which are staples of the genre.

Your everyday pinball game with a JRPG twist

As for the gameplay, Brave Pinball is a single-player only experience that controls just like any other pinball game would. Gamers control the left and right rudders, which they’ll use to launch Fol and his party into their enemies in order to defeat them.

Just like in most pinball machines, players can try to take down the level’s high score, with the rate at which they rack up points being directly affected by Fol’s current level. The higher the level, the quicker the score increase.

There’s also a hidden treasure that can be unlocked by piecing together all its missing parts, which can only be achieved by accomplishing certain conditions per level.

JRPG-themed pinball game 'Brave Pinball' is headed to Steam next month

Another peculiar pinball title

Japan is no stranger to offbeat pinball video games. In 2002, Bandai Namco released Akira Psycho Ball, a PlayStation 2 pinball game with gritty undertones that was based on the blockbuster anime motion picture Akira.

The game even featured a story mode that walked players through the events of the movie, as well as a multiplayer mode where friends can compete against one another.

Brave Pinball may have a goofy premise, but it’s admittedly an interesting prospect especially for JRPG enthusiasts looking for something fresh to sink their teeth into.

Images [1] and [2] courtesy of Brave Pinball/Steam

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