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jTBC’s ‘Private Lives’ director reveals various genres


The production team and cast of jTBC’s Private Lives participated in a press conference on October 7.

The new jTBC drama, Private Lives, is a story of current aged people who share, steal, and fabricates their private lives.

It stars Girls Generation’s Seohyun, Kim Hyo Jin, Kim Young Min, Go Kyung Pyo, and more. The artists are set to use their specialized techniques to disclose their “private life.”

At the press conference, Director Nam Gum has promised that the show combines a wide array of genres. It includes thriller, comedy, melodrama, and caper.

The decision to take the role

The drama is the first acting stunt of Go Kyung Pyo since returning from the mandatory military service. He decided to take the role because the character’s storyline drew him upon reading the script.

Go Kyung Pyo also shared that he hopes that his performance will give the viewers the same feeling.

Charm of Seohyun

When asked about the qualities of Seohyun that Go Kyung Pyo admires, the actor pointed out the songstress’ wise mind. Additionally, he revealed that Seohyun is a cheerful person, putting a lot of effort into the project without any signs of struggle.

When Seohyun immerses into her character, she shows an entirely different side of herself. She is calm, and there is so much to learn from her. Go Kyung Pyo depended a lot on her while filming.

Immersing themselves in “Private Lives”

Seohyun exclaimed in thankfulness and shared that Go Kyung Pyo is very considerate and caring. He helped Seohyun get rid of her nerves and give her ideas to some scenes that she is having difficulty acting out.

The actor’s kind moves made Seohyun divulge into her character as Joo Eun. Undoubtedly, the songstress won’t forget Go Kyung Pyo’s thoughtfulness as it helped her get her way into the problematic scenes.

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