Julia Roberts, Danny Moder divorce rumors: Couple went counseling to save marriage

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s marriage has been at the center of speculations throughout the past couple of months.

Last year, OK! magazine claimed that Julia Roberts and Moder went on a much-needed family vacation to help save their marriage.

A source told the tabloid that other than the trip to Hawaii, Roberts and Moder have also decided to go through counseling.

“Raising a family and trying to keep the romance alive has been hard. But now, thanks to lots of open communication, marriage counseling – and regular date nights – Julia and Danny are back on track,” the source said.

Julia Roberts, Danny Moder think Hawaii is a paradise

Julia Roberts, Danny Moder think Hawaii is a paradise

The source also claimed that Roberts and Moder chose Hawaii as their vacation destination because it is their happy place.

“Hawaii is a paradise for them. Danny can surf and Julia loves the laidback vibe – and this latest holiday has brought them closer together than ever,” the source said.

However, an entire year has passed, and Roberts and Moder haven’t shown any signs that there was ever any problem in their marriage. Still, Gossip Cop revisited the dubious story to reiterate that it was incorrect then, and it’s still incorrect now.

Julia Roberts hurt by all the rumors about her, Danny Moder’s marriage

Before the tabloid’s story was published, Roberts also spoke with Harper’s Bazaar, where she admitted that some of the rumors still hurt her feelings.

“It can still hurt my feelings because I’m so proud of my marriage. We just celebrated being married for 16 years this Fourth of July, and there’s so much happiness wrapped up in what we’ve found together,” she said.

Danny Moder allegedly jealous of his wife’s co-stars

Even though Julia Roberts made it clear then that her marriage was doing well, the tabloids still didn’t stop claiming that she and Moder are having problems.

Just recently, New Idea claimed that the couple is fighting over Roberts’ decision to work with Matthew McConaughey. Moder has, allegedly, always been jealous of his wife’s special connection with her co-star.

Weeks earlier, OK! magazine claimed that Roberts and Moder decided to go on a trial separation. The couple didn’t, allegedly, want to divorce immediately, so they are still testing out the waters with their new arrangement.

Woman’s Day also claimed last month that Moder was jealous of Roberts’ fondness for Denzel Washington. And Roberts gushing over Washington while she’s having dinner with her husband didn’t, allegedly, sit well with Moder.

However, none of these rumors about Julia Roberts and Moder are true. The couple is still together today.

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