Julia Roberts, Danny Moder on trial separation before officially divorcing rumors debunked

Julia Roberts, Danny Moder on trial separation before officially divorcing rumors debunked

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have been together for almost two decades, and they are able to make their marriage work.

However, several tabloids have been claiming that this isn’t the case. Gossip Cop debunked some rumors surrounding Julia Roberts and Moder by saying that they are incorrect.

Julia Roberts, Danny Moder jealousy, trial separation and divorce

OK! magazine recently claimed that Roberts and Moder are having a hard time deciding on their living arrangements. The tabloid also claimed that Moder has ill feelings towards Roberts’ closeness to Denzel Washington.

After all, Washington is, allegedly, a major flirt. And he and Roberts will be working together for quite some time.

Roberts has also been linked to other A-listers like George Clooney and Richard Gere even though they’re nothing more than friends. There are also allegations that the couple is heading for a trial separation.

And according to the rumor-debunking site, none of these claims are true.

Julia Roberts can allegedly suffer from lung cancer

However, this has never stopped the tabloids from concocting stories about the Pretty Woman star. Three years ago, Star claimed that Roberts was struggling with her mental health.

A source told the tabloid that Roberts’ family and friends are worried about her gaunt appearance. The actress has also, allegedly, lost so much weight.

Julia Roberts can allegedly suffer from lung cancer 

Following her outing with Moder at that time, an eagle-eyed fan said that Roberts looked stressed and disoriented as she returned to her car.

“It was as though she’d just received some upsetting news and was struggling to cope with it,” the source said.

Roberts is, reportedly, a chain smoker so there are fears that she could suffer from lung cancer.

“It’s a terrible thing, especially if you’re a smoker, for a close relative to die of that horrible disease. Julia was already smoking in her early twenties – she even confessed to blowing through two packs a day – and anyone in her position might be worried about unwantedly following in their loved one’s footsteps,” the source said.

However, three years have passed and Roberts still hasn’t been diagnosed with any serious illness. The actress also appears to be happy and healthy. This means that the tabloid’s claims were incorrect.

‘Pretty Woman’ star lost weight for her role

Two years ago, Roberts told The Independent that she must lose a considerable amount of weight for one of her previous projects. She also hired nutritionist Carrie Wiatt to help her out.

“Carrie helped me lose over 43 pounds [20 kilos] quickly, safely, and with a minimum loss of sanity with her common sense-approach diet,” Julia Roberts said.

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