Julia Roberts flirting with Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio rumors ‘outright false’

Julia Roberts flirting with Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio rumors 'outright false'

Julia Roberts has been linked to a slew of celebrities throughout the past couple of years.

Most recently, New Idea claimed that Julia Roberts was flirting with Matthew McConaughey. The A-listers were supposed to star in the Fast Times at Ridgemont High table read last month. However, the table read was delayed.

Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey didn’t flirt with each other

Still, the tabloid seemingly claimed that the table read pushed through. And Roberts and McConaughey, allegedly, flirted with each other.

The A-listers’ connection, allegedly, made Roberts’ husband, Danny Moder jealous. After all, Moder, allegedly, requested Roberts to not work with the actor, but she refused to follow her husband’s request.

Gossip Cop debunked the rumor by saying that it’s “outright false.” After all, the table read didn’t push through during its original August 21 schedule.

Since the table read didn’t take place before New Idea published their story, it is unlikely that Moder was jealous of McConaughey.

Julia Roberts can’t stop gushing over Denzel Washington

The tabloid’s sister company, Woman’s Day also linked Roberts with Denzel Washington weeks ago. And their premise was also similar to the other rumor.

A source claimed that Roberts was so excited to work with Washington that she couldn’t stop gushing about him during dinner. This, allegedly, caused Moder to feel jealous.

Gossip Cop also debunked the rumor this week by saying that Julia Roberts and Washington have been married to their respective partners for years. As such, it is unlikely for them to be interested in each other.

George Clooney eyeing a relationship with Roberts

The same tabloid also claimed that there was something romantic going on between Roberts and George Clooney. A source said that the A-listers were gearing up for their respective divorces.

And once their divorce has been filed, it wouldn’t, allegedly, be surprising for Roberts and Clooney to start dating. But Gossip Cop pointed out that the tabloid wasn’t unable to give concrete details about the rumored divorces. This proves that the claims are untrue.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Roberts' secret chats 

Leonardo DiCaprio, Roberts’ secret chats

Woman’s Day has been accusing Roberts of flirting with every single actor that she comes across. There was a time when they claimed that she was smitten with Leonardo DiCaprio. The A-listers also, allegedly, had secret chats that Moder didn’t know about.

Roberts’ alleged feelings for DiCaprio led her and Moder to have an all-out argument. However, this never happened. Roberts isn’t also smitten with DiCaprio.

One should continue taking the claims made by the tabloids with a grain of salt. After all, more reputable sources previously said that Julia Roberts and Moder were inseparable at the gala that they attended with DiCaprio.

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