Julia Roberts freezes out her celebrity friends, says goodbye to Hollywood for good: Rumor

Julia Roberts freezes out her celebrity friends, says goodbye to Hollywood for good: Rumor

Julia Roberts has, allegedly, decided to leave Hollywood and start a new life in Santa Francisco with her husband and kids.

According to National Enquirer, Julia Roberts didn’t tell any of her celebrity friends about her plans to relocate beforehand.

Julia Roberts didn’t inform her celebrity pals about her move

As such, they were, allegedly, surprised to know that the actress has packed her bags.

“Some of Julia’s pals were weirded out by the way they suddenly left with hardly a goodbye. She also had a few choice words for one long-time pal, which came out of the blue and was a bit of a shock. But that’s Julia: Once you’re out of favor with her, that’s it,” the source said.

Julia Roberts, Danny Moder reportedly buy a property in San Francisco 

Julia Roberts, Danny Moder reportedly bought a property in San Francisco

Us Weekly also published a similar story about Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder. The magazine claimed that the Pretty Woman is at a point in her life where she’s ready to give up the rat race and expand her horizons.

As such, she and her husband, reportedly, purchased a lavish $8.3 million Victorian property in Presidio Heights. The property, reportedly, houses five floors with several rooms.

“She sees it as the perfect destination to raise her kids while also exposed to more serenity and culture,” the source said.

But the insider claimed that Roberts is still looking forward to hanging out with her friends while she’s in San Francisco. And she’s also excited to be able to walk her dogs and visit parks without being hassled by the paparazzi.

Danny Moder not thrilled to leave Hollywood

Moder is, allegedly, not keen on the move, but he’s, allegedly, determined to make his marriage with Julia Roberts work. And seeing his wife looking happy and excited is, allegedly, making things less challenging for the cinematographer.

“Julia can’t wait to be closer to all the fun stuff that usually requires long drives from L.A. and can’t wait to stop constantly looking over her shoulder. It’s a little tricky [for Danny]. He’s been on the fence about the move, but he’ll find a way to make it work. He’ll commute to see his family in Palm Springs and to see his surfer pals, like Kelly Slater and other L.A. friends, regularly,” the source said.

Julia, Danny will move to their new home in 2021?

The source then backtracks a bit by saying that Roberts and Moder haven’t actually moved to San Francisco. After all, they’re still, allegedly, figuring out what they’ll do with their Malibu compound.

But if everything goes well for the couple, they would, allegedly, relocate to their new home next year.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloids with a grain of salt. The conflicting statements made by the tabloids suggest that their claims are untrue. Julia Roberts isn’t leaving Hollywood for good.

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