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Julia Roberts gave Danny Moder’s ex-wife $200K to divorce him: Rumor


Julia Roberts, allegedly, went through great lengths to make sure that she and Danny Moder would end up together.

According to New Idea, John Dilbeck, the brother-in-law of Julia Roberts, recently exposed the dirt on the actress. According to Dilbeck, the actress targeted Moder’s ex-wife, Vera Steimberg years ago.

Julia Roberts forced Danny Moder’s ex to sign divorce papers

Dilbeck claimed that Moder’s relatives told him that Roberts put immense pressure on Steimberg to sign her divorce papers and return home to Argentina.

“At that time there were suggestions Vera had been paid off about $200,000 and she admitted, ‘Julia has been desperate to get Danny down the aisle, and she’s got her wish. I never wanted to lose him, but I’ve given up now,’” the tabloid said.

Danny Moder’s family dislike Julia Roberts

According to the tabloid, Moder’s sister also blamed Roberts for fall out of his marriage to Steimberg. During Jyl’s rehab stint, she, allegedly, kept a diary, where she called the actress condescending, rude, possessive, and a diva.

“If you don’t show up on time for an appointment with Julia, or dare to feed the kids anything with gluten in it, then you’re in for it. Her sister-in-law Jane is a co-founder and headmistress at Seven Arrows School in Palisades, where Julia sent her kids. She paid $10,000 for her own personal parking spot, she’d be allowed to let her kids have special food, she wanted her kids to be treated like celebrities, and if Jane didn’t enable this, it would piss Julia off, who was paying a huge amount of money each year for them to be there,” the source said.

Jane allegedly works off-campus most of the time because she wants to avoid awkward run-ins with Julia Roberts. But the actress, allegedly, found out and immediately cut her and her husband, Phil off.

More rumors about the actress

However, there have also been several other rumors surrounding Roberts and Moder. Earlier this month, In Touch Weekly, claimed that the actress is leaving Los Angeles for good after splitting from Moder.

As of late, there hasn’t been any proof that Roberts is strapped for cash. But it is for certain that she and Moder didn’t split.

Last month, New Idea also claimed that Roberts was urging her husband to have a baby with her. After all, she was inspired after learning that Richard Gere welcomed a baby boy.

However, this baby rumor surrounding Julia Roberts and Moder isn’t true either.

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