Julia Roberts having a baby at 52? Here’s the truth

Julia Roberts is, allegedly, looking forward to a new baby at 52.

New Idea published a misleading headline about Julia Roberts this week.

“Julia’s Joy! A Baby at 52!” the headline reads. However, the article is about Roberts’ niece, Emma’s pregnancy.

Julia Roberts allegedly doting on future  granddaughter

An unnamed source told the tabloid that Roberts couldn’t wait to welcome her granddaughter into the family.

“Julia has turned into the most doting and fussing aunt you could imagine. And it’s just as well because Emma and Garrett [Hedlund] haven’t got a clue what they’re doing. They’re both very lucky as Julia and Kelly [Emma’s mom] have already coordinated their diaries so Emma has someone available at all times,” the unnamed source said.

Julia Roberts has allegedly gone baby mad

The insider also claimed that Roberts and Kelly have started shopping for baby items online. And the duo has, allegedly, been buying so much that Emma can’t keep up with the boxes that keep arriving at her house.

Roberts has also, allegedly, done baby mad right now. And the actress has, allegedly, gone as far as recommending trust brokers, nursery designers, doulas, and hospitals to Emma.

“You’d think Julia had her own baby on the way,” the source said.

The actress allegedly wants to be a hands-on grandmother to Emma’s baby

The actress allegedly wants to be a hands-on grandmother to Emma’s baby

According to the source, the Notting Hill actress is determined to be a hands-on grandmother to her niece’s child.

“Julia lost her mind when Emma called her to tell her the news, and she plans on being very involved in the raising of this baby – she promised Emma she would after Emma opened up to her about falling behind in her career, something only her aunt would understand. Julia’s become a real confidante and mentor after Emma nearly threw it all away with that horrific domestic violence arrest in 2013,” the source said.

While it is true that Emma is expecting her first child with Hedlund, no one knows for sure if this is how Roberts reacted to the news. As such, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt.

Danny Moder, Julia struggling in their marriage due to surfing?

This isn’t also the only rumor surrounding the Pretty Woman actress these days.

Last month, OK! magazine claimed Roberts is asking her husband, Danny Moder, to stop surfing as frequently as what he’s, allegedly, been doing.

“She thinks it’s great that he’s keeping fit, but he takes it to such a crazy degree. She feels he’s being too risky,” the source said.

However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays about Julia Roberts are correct as of this writing.

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