Julia Roberts lost 25 pounds while worrying about Emma Roberts’ pregnancy: Rumor

Julia Roberts lost 25 pounds while worrying about Emma Roberts' pregnancy: Rumor

Julia Roberts has, allegedly, lost a whopping 25 pounds because she’s been worried sick about her niece, Emma Roberts.

According to National Enquirer, Emma’s baby daddy, Garrett Hedlund, recently checked himself into a rehab facility. And this caused Julia Roberts to be anxious.

Julia Roberts losing sleep over Emma Roberts’ pregnancy

And since Emma is pregnant, her aunt is worried about her and her unborn child.

“Julia’s been stressed beyond belief and shedding pounds at a rapid rate over this family crisis. She loves Emma like her own, and her niece idolizes her. But Julia fears for the new mom-to-be,” the source said.

The source also said that Roberts is worried about her niece because Emma has a volatile history when it comes to men.

“Julia’s been losing sleep and weight over the whole thing,” the source said.

Julia Roberts losing sleep over Emma Roberts' pregnancy 

Emma Roberts baby daddy arrested

According to the tabloid, Hedlund was arrested for drunk driving in January, and he’s now serving 36 months of probation.

Emma has also had her fair share of controversies. In 2013, she was arrested following a vicious fight with her ex-boyfriend, Evan Peters.

The latter refused to press charges against Emma, and he told police officials that it was all just a misunderstanding.

But while it is true that Roberts has a close relationship with her niece, it’s unlikely for her to be losing sleep due to the American Horror Story star.

After all, Emma has a mom, and she may be more worried about the actress than the Pretty Woman star.

Julia Roberts lost 25 pounds?

This isn’t the first time that Roberts was rumored to be losing a considerable amount of weight.

Star recently claimed that the actress has been struggling with her mental health and eating habits.

A source claimed that Roberts’ family and friends had noticed her gaunt appearance, and they’re worried about her.

The source also insisted that Roberts has lost a considerable amount of weight in recent months.

According to the insider, Roberts is also a chain smoker, so everyone around her is worried that she could suffer from lung cancer.

“It’s a terrible thing, especially if you’re a smoker, for a close relative to die of that horrible disease. Julia Roberts was already smoking in her early twenties – she even confessed to blowing through two packs a day – and anyone in her position might be worried about unwantedly following in their loved one’s footsteps,” the source said.

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