Julia Roberts disobeyed husband’s demands not to work with Matthew McConaughey: Rumor


Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have, allegedly, been having problems in their marriage for years.

Most recently, the couple is, allegedly, fighting over Julia Roberts and Matthew McConaughey’s closeness and chemistry.

According to New Idea, Moder has banned his wife from working with McConaughey because Roberts has a crush on the actor. However, Roberts and McConaughey recently joined the star-studded table read for Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

Danny Moder jealous of Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey’s chemistry

Before the table read, Moder, allegedly, put his foot down by telling Roberts that she can’t work with McConaughey. While at the SAG Awards, Moder, allegedly, saw the two flirting while he was in the same room with them.

Back then, Roberts, allegedly, prioritized having a peaceful marriage to Moder, so she agreed to not work with the actor. But this changed during the recent table read.

“Matthew and his team have been trying to get Julia to star opposite him for years. She’s always been at the top of his leading lady wish list. We don’t need Danny to tell us there’s major chemistry between them, but for Julia, keeping their marriage happy was more important. Since their estrangement, she’s sure wasted no time signing on for this gig with Matthew,” the source said.

Julia Roberts, Danny Moder divorcing?

The tabloid also claimed that Moder no longer has a say on what Julia Roberts wants to do. After all, their marriage is already on the rocks.

“Julia and Danny are coming up to 20 years of marriage, which is a miracle in Hollywood. She’s been told to sort things out now and avoid a nasty split later. But the biggest sign Danny no longer has a say in her life is the fact she did this gig with Matthew. It could be the thing that puts the nail in the coffin on her marriage,” the source said.

Is Denzel Washington flirting with Julia?

Weeks earlier, New Idea’s sister site, Woman’s Day, also linked Roberts to Denzel Washington. The tabloid’s premise was quite similar. A source claimed that Roberts has always looked up to Washington, and the latter feels the same way about her.

Moder is, allegedly, jealous of Washington, but there’s nothing much he could. After all, he and Roberts are, allegedly, on the brink of divorce.

However, none of these claims are true. Julia Roberts and Moder’s marriage is going well. They just celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary last month.

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