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Julia Roberts secretly talked to ex before quarantine fights with husband: Rumor


Julia Roberts and Danny Modern have been at the center of marital problem rumors for months.

Things, allegedly, became much worse for Julia Roberts and Moder when they quarantined together because of COVID-19.

Last year, Now to Love claimed that there were already signs that Roberts and Moder were having problems in their marriage. After all, the Pretty Woman was, allegedly, talking to her ex, Jason Patric, behind Moder’s back.

“Julia and Jason reach out to each other to check-in. Interestingly, it seems to be whenever Julia is unhappy in her life or relationship. It’s a pattern Danny’s noticed too. He’s paranoid that she’s set to run away. Julia laughs it off – but she’s quite predictable,” the source said.

Danny Moder is allegedly jealous of Jason Patric

The source also said that Moder is worried about Roberts and Patric’s closeness. The former, allegedly, knows that Roberts left Kiefer Sutherland to be with Patric.

“Danny is jealous of the connection they’ve kept alive after all these years – and the fact that Jason is pretty much a stranger to him is unnerving. Julia’s never introduced them and that sets alarm bells ringing with Danny. He wishes Jason would be a man and step up and say, ‘This isn’t cool’ to Julia – but Jason probably wouldn’t dare to undermine her,” the source said.

Julia Roberts, Danny Moder having quarantine fights

Months later, Julia Roberts and Moder sparked more rumors about their marriage while in quarantine. There were claims that Roberts eventually fled to Mexico to be away from Moder.

According to Woman’s Day, the couple realized how difficult it is to be in the same house 24/7.

Weeks later, Life & Style claimed that Roberts had been feeling like a single mom because Moder hasn’t been helping with their kids.

OK! magazine also said that the couple was fighting because they couldn’t agree on where they should live.

Julia Roberts can’t stop gushing over Denzel Washington?

Most recently, Woman’s Day claimed that Moder is furious at his wife for gushing over Denzel Washington nonstop.

“Danny can’t help but feel anxious and more than a little nervous that Julia will be working with this so-called dream man, who means so much to Julia, for months on a movie set. He’s trying not to let it show that he’s worried because things have been hard going between him and Julia for a while now and he’s pleased to see that spark back in her eyes,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloids with a grain of salt.

Julia Roberts and Moder are doing just fine in their marriage.

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