Julia Roberts took a work break to focus on her strained marriage to Danny Moder: Rumor

Julia Roberts took a work break to focus on her strained marriage to Danny Moder: Rumor

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s marriage is, allegedly, at its best right now, but things weren’t always like this.

According to OK! magazine, Julia Roberts and Moder went through a lot. And if the latter didn’t put his put down, they would’ve gotten a divorce a long time ago.

Julia Roberts chose marriage over her career

A source claimed that Moder urged Roberts to take a break from showbusiness so that they could focus on their strained marriage.

“Danny told her he’d had enough and that they needed to sit down and reset their priorities. Julia told friends how she almost lost it all. She learned the hard way putting her career above her family could break them. Now, she knows they are way more important to her than any role,” the source said.

Julia Roberts, Richard Gere's flirty relationship

Julia Roberts, Richard Gere’s flirty relationship

The insider also said that Roberts and Moder’s marriage almost ended because of the actress’s Pretty Woman co-star, Richard Gere.

Even after several years since they starred in the movie together, the co-stars’ chemistry was still palpable. And Roberts and Gere, allegedly, continued having a flirty relationship in real life.

Things became so bad that even the actress’s friends, allegedly, told her that what she’s doing is inappropriate.

“Richard had just been through a nasty divorce and Julia says she just wanted to offer some support. But it raised a lot of eyebrows. Julia’s always been a major flirt and seeing her hug and kiss other guys right under the nose irritated the heck out of him. Any spouse would be upset,” the source said.

Danny Moder walked out on his wife

The insider claimed that things got so bad between Julia Roberts and Moder that the latter even walked out on his wife.

Moder, allegedly, moved into a guesthouse in Malibu just to avoid the actress.

“He’d go surfing alone and take out his frustrations on the waves while Julia chauffeured the kids to school and all of their activities,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

Julia Roberts has never opened up about her alleged marital problems with Moder. It is also important to note that the couple has been married for many years.

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