Julia Roberts urging husband to have a baby via surrogate after Richard Gere welcomed son: Rumor

Julia Roberts urging husband to have a baby via surrogate after Richard Gere welcomed son: Rumor

Julia Roberts, allegedly, wants to have another baby with her husband, Danny Moder.

After Julia Roberts learned that her co-star, Richard Gere welcomed a baby boy recently, she also, allegedly, decided that she wants another baby. But because of the actress’s age, conceiving naturally may be challenging for her.

Julia Roberts wants another baby with Danny Moder

As such, a source told New Idea that Roberts told Moder that they should consider surrogacy or adoption. At first, Moder, allegedly, thought that his wife was just joking. But it didn’t take him long to realize that she’s serious about having another baby.

The insider claimed that when the Pretty Woman star has an idea in her mind, she usually goes for it. As such, Moder is already preparing himself for what might be a bumpy ride if they have babies at home. Roberts’ niece, Emma Roberts is also pregnant with her first child.

Richard Gere asks Julia Roberts for parenting advice 

Richard Gere asks Julia Roberts for parenting advice

According to the source, Gere is leaning on Roberts for parenting advice. The actor has also, allegedly, asked his former co-star if she could be his son’s godmother. The insider claimed that Roberts gladly accepted the role.

“Julia’s founder herself at a loose end since there’s not a lot of work in Hollywood right now, so she’s happy to be on call as support to Richard – though I bet each of their significant others isn’t aware of how tight they are right now,” the source said.

Danny Moder jealous of his wife, Richard Gere’s friendship

From there, the tabloid claimed that there used to be amazing chemistry between Julia Roberts and Gere. And there were also, allegedly, rumors that they dated.

And because of this, Moder has, allegedly, decided to keep a close eye on his wife’s friendship with Gere.  As for Gere’s wife, Alejandra Silva, she’s also, allegedly, wary of his friendship with Roberts.

But since she has her hands full with her kids, she couldn’t, allegedly, keep tabs on the co-stars.

“And Alejandra likes Julia but she would be too busy with her baby boys to keep tabs on how many times a day Richard talks to her. Julia being a good mom to her kid will eventually send up some red flags though,” the source.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Roberts wasn’t encouraged to have more kids just because Gere welcomed his son recently.

The Pretty Woman co-stars aren’t also sparking worry on their respective partners because they are just friends.

New Idea is known for publishing misleading headlines about Julia Roberts, and this recent one is no exception. The headline read: “Julia and Richard: ‘Our baby joy,’ which seemingly suggested that the two are having a baby together when they are not.

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