Jun So Min graces ‘Esquire’ Korea’s interview

Jun So Min talks about her dreams, career, and more with Esquire Korea.

In the interview, the production mentioned that they are excited about speaking with Jun So Min. They heard that she is a big talker and wondered what fun things she might share.

Entertaining the audiences

Jun So Min laughed and said that she does enjoy talking. Since she has to entertain the viewers on the television show, she thought she should speak more on television than in real life.

The actress also defined the difference between her real self and how she seems different on variety shows. She said that what she shows on a variety show is only one part of her and not everything she is.

Different sides of Jun So Min

Also, the interviewer mentioned that they read her book You Can Call Me After a Drink. So Min thanked them with a laugh and said that she feels shy when calling herself a writer. It was also compared that So Min on Running Man and So Min, who wrote the book, seems different.

Jun So Min stated that her goal is to show as different sides of herself as possible and try new things. There are also times where it can be a burden for her to limit herself to one thing.

The goal

In regards to her dreams, she always thinks that plans seem so far and huge from her. It may hard to bear if she is holding on to a goal. However, she is the happiest when she is doing what she can right now.

As for her small dreams is what the things she wants to do right now, and act in a good project.

In terms of big dreams, she wanted to be a good actress, friend, and a good person. If she has to add a bit more to that, she would like to hear other people saying they wanted to become like Jun So Min.


Image courtesy of ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube Screenshot

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