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Jun So Min searches for true happiness? Here’s why


34-year-old South Koren actress Jun So Min appeared as a guest with Choi Jung Won in the August 19 episode of KBS’ Ask Us Anything.

In the show, hosts Seo Jang Hoon and Lee Soo Geun dressed up as fortune-tellers and gave Jun So Min and Choi Jung Won advice.

Jun So Min is searching for happiness

When asked what she is concerned about, Jun So Min explained that she thinks a lot about happiness these days.

Jun So Mins suffers from a poor health condition. After recovering, she began to believe that she needed to rethink what exactly means to live a happy life.

She continued that it is nice to work busily because time flies by chaotically and cannot feel any personal emotions.

At the same time, she is living in a relaxed way that produces no stress. Maintaining the balance is challenging, and she wonders which side she needs to focus on to be happy.

Intoxicated with alcohol

Choi Jung Won exclaimed and said that what surprises him about Jun So Min is having concerns because she is always bright in talking about good news. She is also someone who is still with alcohol.

Jun So Min immediately exclaimed with a laugh that she drank because it was hard. She added that alcohol is like an anesthetic to her. At that moment, she is delighted and ended up drinking often because it makes the time go quickly.

The great ender of alcohol

In response, Seo Jang Hoon commented that what matters is how one spends that happy moment. He can feel happiness at that moment, as his stress is relieved, and he can chat with others, then work hard the next day.

What he is saying is to fully enjoy yourself in the moments that will make you happy.

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