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June event allows players to hunt for rare ‘Animal Crossing’ Summer Shells


Summer season has officially started in Animal Crossing. Along with it comes the rare Animal Crossing summer shells needed for crafting.

Players will know that the summer has officially started once there are Animal Crossing summer shells scattered on the island.

Players who are in the northern hemisphere will expect the summer season to begin today, June 1, 2020. However, for those in the southern hemisphere, they still have to wait until December 1, 2020.

What are summer shells

Animal Crossing summer shells are rare crafting materials only found during the game’s summer season. They are needed to craft the summer shell collection and will be available from June 1 to August 31 in the northern hemisphere.

The recipes during the summer season will require Animal Crossing summer shells in order for them to be constructed.

Summer shells can randomly appear on the shore, just like normal shells. However, they will be colored blue instead of the usual white or pink.

They only appear while the summer event is active, so make sure to collect every single one.

Where to get summer shell recipes

Animal Crossing summer shell recipes can be obtained by shooting down balloons using the slingshot. There is also a small chance to receive the recipes by talking to villagers or via morning announcements.

The only chance to get these recipes again is by trading with a fellow player, wait until next year’s summer season or time cheat the game by time traveling.

Animal Crossing summer shell recipes

There is a bunch of summer-themed items players can craft with summer shells such as wallpapers, flooring, accessories, and more.

The first Animal Crossing summer shell recipe a player can receive is the shell wreath. The recipe is given by Isabelle during the morning announcements on the first day of the summer season.

Shell wand

-3x summer shell and 3x star pieces

Shell wreath

-1x summer shell, 1x sea snail, 1x sand dollar, 1x coral, 1x giant clam, 1x cowrie

Shellfish pochette

-2x huge clams, 6x summer shells

Starry sands floor cover

-3x summer shells, 1x sandy beach floor cover

Tropical Vista

-5x summer shells

Underwater floor cover

-3x summer shell, 3x coral

Underwater wall

-3x summer shell, 5x coral

Water flooring

-6x summer shells

Other events

Despite the appearance of summer shells, for the whole month of June Animal Crossing will be celebrating the Wedding Season. Completing these daily tasks will reward players with wedding-themed items.

There will also be bug-catching contests occurring every third Saturday of the summer season. CJ will also be hosting a fishing contest on July 11, 2020.

There are plenty of things to do besides gathering Animal Crossing summer shells. The developers promised to give everyone frequent events to make them get addicted to the game even more.

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