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Jung II Woo reveals the reason for storing thousands of photos in his phone


Jung II Woo had more than 70 thousand pictures stored in his phone!

The actor Jung II Woo revealed why he had ten of thousands of photos stored in his phone. He confessed to being diagnosed with partial amnesia and cerebral aneurysm.

In the first episode of Phone Cleansing, Jung II Woo appeared and shared all the photos he collected in the past years. Jung explained why he kept all those photos on his phone because he wanted to show those to them when he got married and blessed with kids thirty years later.

Here comes a new unique show!

Phone Cleansing is a new entertainment program that helps stars reorganize their photos on their phones.

Throughout the episode, the cast successfully eliminated the number of pictures stored in Jung’s phone from 70,987 down to 7,000. As the members were amazed at the numerous collected photos, Jung shared that he got in a car accident before and suffered from partial amnesia.

From that moment on, he took many pictures to let him remember every moment he spent. Such symptoms could tell his amnesia, like recognizing acquaintances by face but cannot recall where they meet. Although not everything of Jung’s memories erased, he cannot remember some bits and parts.

The pictures that served as Jung’s reminders

Jung II Woo shared his memories with the emcees by the pictures shown. As they have seen, the actor Jung visited the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) three times. They tend to ask him why the route means so much to him.

Jung then answered that while he was filming the drama Golden Rainbow, he had a terrible headache and went to the hospital and diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. This illness is a bulging, weakened area in the wall of an artery in the brain.

It is like having a bomb inside the head where there is a risk for vessels swelling up. It ruptures, and a person who experiences it could die of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Moreover, after the diagnosis, Jung also suffered severe depression. So he thought of going to the place he always wanted to visit since he was a child, the Camino de Santiago. He learned how to enjoy the present by visiting the site.

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