Jungkook acquired a house in Itaewon for an astonishing price


BTS’s golden maknae acquired a detached house in Itaewon, and its price will surely make you go gaga!

As divulged by the real estate circles, Jungkook, the youngest member of the world-renowned Korean boy group BTS, bought a two-story house in Itaewon.

The said place is the location where wealthy people, foreign correspondents, and foreign diplomats live.

From the place where BTS lives, Nine One Hannam in Yongsan-gu is a five-minute drive (1.5 kilometers) away.

Jungkook ‘s new house fit for a king that he is

As revealed, the house Jungkook bought cost 7.63 billion KRW (approximately 7,050,940 USD). The BTS idol reportedly purchased the property in November last year.

More to the house’s details, it had reportedly been built in 1976, and it is a detached house with a total floor space of 230.74 square meters. The area’s entire space is 637 square meters.

It seems that the golden maknae is really into house investments. Previously, he was reported to have bought an apartment at the famous luxury “Seoul Forest Trimage.”

As revealed by the real estate industry workers, Jungkook bought the said unit in the luxury apartment complex in October 2018.

It was worth 1.95 billion won (roughly USD 1.74 million), and Jungkook allegedly purchased the apartment in cash.

However, on October 19, 2020, the idol sold his apartment. He sold it amounting to 2.05 billion KRW, but real estate professionals assume that he probably did not make a profit considering he had to pay property taxes and other fees.

For the past two years, Jungkook had never lived in his apartment. Instead, he had stayed at the BTS dorm.

Itaewon’s charms

Recently, several celebrities are investing in Itaewon. The place is a geographical advantage of high-end residential areas.

The fact that it is located between downtown Gwanghwamun and Gangnam makes it more inviting to live in.

In 2017 and last year, comedian Park Myung Soo and actress Hwang Jung Eum also bought houses in Itaewon.

Meanwhile, they bought it for 5.8 billion KRW (approximately 5,362,277 USD)and 4.65 billion KRW (approximately 4,299,071 USD), respectively.


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