Jungkook’s Dicon solo cover continues to sell like hotcakes on Gmarket Global

BTS’ Jungkook continues his Sold-out King saga as his Dicon solo cover continues to be the highest-charting best-seller among all BTS Dicon solo covers in multiple countries on Gmarket Global.

Jungkook showed his tremendous popularity as his cover on Dicon immediately became a best-seller among all other individual covers on Korea’s Gmarket for the first half-day after magazine release.

It’s making waves in the United States, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, and Macao.

The continued streak

On Gmarket, the first one to sell over 1,000 and 2,000 units is the cover of Jungkook. And on December 18 at 7:42 pm (KST), it immediately reached 2,724 sales, making Jungkook’s cover the leading.

Furthermore, after Dicon‘s 10th issue release on Gmarket, it became a Best-Seller in the early hours and is ranked third overall.

It is the highest-ranking individual cover, while BTS’s group cover is ranked at the top spot. As of the latest news, Jungkook also now becomes the first to reach 3,000 and 4,000 sales.

The media gave a nickname to the BTS maknae, King of Sold Out,” for his selling-power. As known to many, there were countless occasions of Jungkook’s phenomenal sold-out saga.

To name a few, Downy caused the supplier’s stock price to rise by 11% within a day. Also, the PRADA jacket sold out in 25 countries.

It seems that everything Jungkook wears, reads, uses, and even drinks, once ARMY finds out and starts shopping, will be immediately be gone from the shelves.

With all the mesmerizing facts about the golden maknae, it is not a surprise when Jungkook’s Dicon magazine cover continues to sell like hotcakes.

In the latest data shown, Jungkook’s cover is the highest-charting best-seller. This is in all BTS Dicon solo covers in multiple countries on Gmarket Global.

Jungkook on overtaking the six-piece

With the staggering digits Jungkook achieved with his solo cover, he becomes the lead on both Gmarket Global and Gmarket Korea, for both English and Korean version.

Meanwhile, in Japan’s Rakuten for two consecutive days, Jungkook’s cover is also the highest-selling solo cover. This includes the English and Korean versions.


Image courtesy of FILA KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

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