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Jungkook’s playlist becomes Spotify’s most-followed Korean individual playlist


Jungkook’s official playlist curated by himself, titled Jungkook’s Favourite Tracks, becomes the first and only Korean individual playlist to garner 1 million followers.

Jungkook’s Midas touch is still on the run as it enticed a million subscribers with its self-curated Spotify playlist. What’s more impressive is that the idol’s recent achievement is the first for any Korean individual playlist on Spotify.

Jungkook’s taste for music enticed a million

Among the BTS members, Jungkook’s Spotify playlist is the most popular. The said playlist is now the third most followed Korean artist playlist overall.

Meanwhile, This is BTS got over 4.07 million followers, and This is Blackpink got 1.36 million followers.

This recent feat of Jungkook only proves his massive influence and his excellent taste for music. For the record, BTS Jungkook doesn’t have an official Spotify profile under his name but can still mark a new achievement.

Here are the favorite tracks of Jungkook in a playlist!

Jungkook trends as director

Furthermore, in the BTS BE title track Life Goes On official music video teaser, BTS members were revealed having a close bonding time. What made the fans got even more excited is seeing the credits of the video.

The music video credits for Life Goes On revealed Jeon Jungkook for the first line, credited as the director. In his youtube live broadcast, Jungkook also mentioned that he is the Project Manager of MV directing.

He said that he monitors all the process that goes into the music video making and working closely with the directing team.

After the teaser release, Jungkook quickly climbed the Twitter worldwide trends at number 2 with “JEON JUNGKOOK.”

Simultaneously, he ranked number 15 with the keyword “DIRECTOR JK.” He becomes the highest trending BTS member after the teaser release.

Moreover, in the United States, Jungkook also trends at #2 and the other 78 countries. After the teaser’s release, the keyword “Film Director” in Google searches peaked at 100.


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