‘Jurassic Park’ needs to have a true survival horror game based on it

Jurassic Park needs to have a survival horror game that can live up to the original franchise name and bring justice to characters.

The Jurassic Park franchise first began as a novel that Michael Crichton penned down. However, this was the very first time when Steven Spielberg took up this novel and turned it into the highest-grossing cinema ever across.

The movie, which was debuted, showed all the island-themed parks and people entering them in the hopes of catching a glance of these extinct mammals while the hell broke loose. However, none of the titles have managed to capture the horror of being lost on an island filled with the rage of hungry dinosaurs when it comes to video games.

Most of the gaming titles did not bring justice to the series

While Jurassic Park captured the people’s feelings and what it is like to live in the characters’ shoes, the games were lacking something. The largest success in the franchise was Jurassic Park: Evolution. 

This game allows all the players to take care of their own parks while creating new species and providing hospitality to all the guests who visit the park. However, on various occasions, known to players, the dinosaurs can escape from the facility.

A lot of potential added to the franchise took a bit from the horror survival games and helped all the players add a bit of rush and adrenaline to the chase scenes.

Many similar titles before have been already done and published and achieved the same level of generosity from the audience.

Game developers should take note from the movie producers

To bring the game to life, all the developers need to note the movie franchise and what it is has done to make the story bone-chilling and how the audience grasped the end of their seats.

Titles like Dino Crisis have even shown that action set between dinosaurs and human beings is quite possible. However, the heavy emphasis is that popular franchises tend to shift their focus into ammunition and turn the journey into an action thriller.

For a true survival horror game like Jurassic Park, it should not happen. Nostalgia would even be a huge part of these games as the stories will feature Easter eggs and name drops of one of the most memorable characters from the original story.

However, if an idea like this becomes a reality, it will instantly hit the players and something that most fans deserve.


Image courtesy of TheGamingBeaver/YouTube Screenshot

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