‘Just Die Already’, ‘Goat Simulator’ Dev’s latest quirky title

'Just Die Already' gameplay snapshot

DoubleMoose, the game company behind the satire and quirky game Goat Simulator had just announced its new developing title, Just Die Already.

The company dubs its creation as an ‘Old People Mayhem Sandbox Game.’

Developed by the same company that produced one of the most satire game ever, Just Die Already features a dominating over-the-top humor.

Age is but a Number

In this game, players take on the role of the elderly as they take on tasks set in a world with ridiculous physics. Everything just to have our geriatric protagonist find a spot in the ‘World’s Nicest Retirement Home.’

It is a sandbox game where everything goes and that a seemingly lethal consequence means nothing, literally.

Players who had the chance to experience playing Goat Simulator would already have an idea about the game’s physics. A ragdoll physics, but at its crudest form possible.

Taking the absurdity to a notch higher, Just Die Already makes fun of physics in a way that invokes much laughter. Where everything in the sandbox environment, including the characters, are themselves seemingly faulty by deliberation and by default.

A Balancing Act

But not everything about the game is made to be wonky. There are some elements about the game that are still within the bounds of normalcy that sets a balance to the unorthodox.

For instance, NPCs behave differently to the player’s actions as well as the NPC’s ‘age.’ This means that players get to expect nuances in NPC behaviors as dictated by certain parameters and conditions.

Interested players can amuse themselves either solo or with the company of up to three friends when the game releases this summer.

A Perfect Distraction

While the game has its own unique charm, the game’s seemingly broken design and quirks may not be everybody’s cup of tea. Even the developers, especially its designer, Armin Ibrisagic, are themselves aware of their creation’s ‘eccentricities.’

The company, while themselves seemingly eccentric, is not necessarily blind to the world’s current state of affairs. Ibrisagic himself even going as far as describing it as ‘grim.’ Clearly indicating a pandemic that had shaken the world since after the start of 2020.

But he also posits the notion that the game, as it is, might be the kind that the world needs right now. Citing an example of an octogenarian glued with a rocket pack and propelled over a construction site.

That is as quirky as it can get from the minds capable of coming up with something like Just Die Already.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/DoubleMoose

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