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‘Justice League Snyder Cut’ is officially rated R


Fans of the upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut have got a big reason to rejoice. The HBO Max title is officially revealed to be rated R!

According to Gamesradar, Justice League Snyder Cut movie is rated R. And that is for the film’s “violence and some language.” This rating was hugely anticipated for the last few months. Because being a DC title plus a Zack Snyder directorial, it was bound to have a darker tone.

“Justice League Snyder Cut”: It’s almost here!

The highly awaited DCEU film will make its way on the HBO Max streaming service this March. Fans are excited to witness this episodic adventure in an elaborated manner. Because as per the director himself, there’s a lot of new footage. And thus, Justice League Snyder Cut will give a fresh impression upon its arrival on the streamer. Die-hard franchise followers and comic book lovers will surely enjoy this complete overhaul—especially when compared to 2017’s disastrous theatrical release.

Talking about what’s coming as a fresh addition, then Jared Leto’s Joker will make an appearance as well. It was confirmed more than a month ago. Work on different VFX-based sequences is also complete now. The director has also announced that Justice League Snyder Cut will provide never-seen-before footage of nearly 150 minutes! It means that the entire plot and theme of the flick will change when this version comes out.

An R rating might also mean intense fight scenes involving Ben Affleck’s Batman and Steppenwolf. In the theatrical release of 2017, he was just a simple villainous CGI figure, and nothing more. Apart from this, all eyes will be on the debut of a live-action Darkseid in the DCEU.

Upcoming DC projects in the future

Meanwhile, the entire Extended Universe is currently going through another overhaul. Because of COVID-19, many of the anticipated titles are moving slowly at the moment. Matt Reeves’ The Batman is expected to finish production in the next few months. But that’s possible only when cases of the virus come down because it will result in the opening of those places which are closed or restricted.

The other announced projects include big names like Black Adam, Shazam 2, and The Flash movies. Their filming is likely to begin later this year, probably by the time of summer. Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins will also come back with Wonder Woman 3. Warner Bros. officially announced the third installment at the end of the year. So, in a way, fans will get to see multiple DC entries in the next two years, provided the pandemic situation remains under some control.

Coming back to Justice League Snyder Cut, it’s scheduled to release on March 18, 2021, on HBO Max.

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