Justin Bieber explains why BTS ‘Dynamite’ has become a huge hit

Justin Bieber explains why BTS 'Dynamite' has become a huge hit

Justin Bieber once did the BTS fan chant.

Justin Bieber has continued to become one of the most successful artists in the world today. But as a popular celebrity, many have wondered whether he is also a fan of other artists, like BTS.

BTS and “Dynamite”

Earlier in August, BTS released their first all-English single, Dynamite. The K-pop group first teased the song amid the pandemic crisis, noting that they wanted to inspire positivity during these trying times.

Since the release, the K-pop group has increased their fanbase. They have also continued to break several records on various platforms. Among the latest and arguably the “most notable,” they debuted at the very top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, according to Cheat Sheet.

Justin Bieber on BTS’ success

Following the success of Dynamite, alongside BTS’ big wins at the VMAs, E! News released a clip explaining the success of the K-pop group. Justin Bieber narrated the material and shared his thoughts about their group’s latest achievements.

The Intentions artist began by stating that BTS knows how to make history. He added that BTS has continued to shatter records “across the global music industry.”

Bieber then mentioned all the accomplishments that the all-male K-pop group has racked up with their hit single, Dynamite. Later on, he explained why it had become a “big deal” today.

Why “Dynamite” continues to become a hit

Justin Bieber referenced the “xenophobia” that BTS faced, especially when it comes to their non-English titles. He explained that, in history, non-English songs always have a hard time obtaining a radio play. This is why the all-male K-pop group rarely sees the top of the charts.

But unlike their hit songs, Boy With Luv and On, several U.S. radio stations are giving Dynamite a lot of air time. As a result, BTS has further widened their platform and their audience.

In the end, though, Bieber noted that fans should not expect the group to release all-English albums. The group made it clear in the past that the Korean language is part of their “art and identity,” he recalled.

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Is he a fan?

Back in March, Justin Bieber posted a video on Instagram, which seemingly shocked a lot of BTS fans. As it happened, he was filming himself doing the “BTS fan chant,” according to Cheat Sheet.

One by one, he mentioned the names of the members. This reportedly sparked talks about whether Justin Bieber is an “ARMY” or not. However, sources revealed that the Changes artist captioned the video, stating that he does not know what that is.

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