Justin Bieber shares holy exciting news to his fans amid COVID-19 pandemic

Justin Bieber is doing some holy things this time around in his life.

After much anticipation, Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper’s new song Holy has finally dropped.

Last week, Bieber teased his followers on social media as he tweeted, “New era. New single. It begins.”

Chance the Rapper also shared an early preview of the music video on his Instagram, which excited all fans.

Before the release of the music video, both artists held a live stream event with their fans, where they started rapping songs by Tupac and Eminem.

At one point in the live stream, the 26-year-old “Baby,” hitmaker said, “I feel so blessed.”

Holy giveaway by Justin Bieber

Aside from the release of his single Holy, Justin Bieber tweeted on Thursday that he and Chance will be giving away a total of $250k to those “who are affected by these hard times.”

According to Entertainment Tonight, Bieber and Chance’s initiative is similar to a 1950s TV game show called “Queen for a Day,” where they offered prizes to female contestants who talked about their woe stories. The grand prize would be won by the woman who had the most heart-wrenching story to share.

Bieber’s tweet said, “Tell us your story if you feel like sharing. To enter, drop your $cashtag & use #JBChanceHoly.”

Stories filled both of the artists’ Twitter accounts from fans going through hardships, including one Twitter user whose home was devastated by Hurricane Laura.

Twitter user @HABITUALKATY was able to receive $500 from Bieber and Chance a few hours.

As of writing, there were already a few social media users who won $500.

Biebs explains the music video

On Sept. 22, Justin Bieber unveiled a BTS look at making the Holy music video.

Colin Tilley directed the cinematic visuals.

Bieber explains, “Colin and I, both of our hearts behind wanting to make this video, both from the fact that we know that there’s a lot going on in the world right now.”

He adds, “A lot of pain, a lot of heartaches, a lot of frustration, a lot of people losing a job.”

Hollywood stars Ryan Destiny and Wilmer Valderrama also starred in the music video.

Holy ends with Valderrama extending a helping hand to Bieber and his on-screen lover during their difficult time – a theme that Bieber and his team wanted to hammer home as its overarching message.

The Canadian native says, “It shows how an act of compassion can change the trajectory of someone’s life or day. And just having empathy for people.”

“That’s our goal with this project, is just to inspire, to bring hope in this kind of uncertain, fragile time.”

Image courtesy of DFree/Shutterstock

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