Justin Bieber parties at LA mansion without mask, causes problems with his neighbors: Rumor

Justin Bieber parties at LA mansion without mask, causes problems with his neighbors: Rumor

Justin Bieber has, allegedly, been dubbed as a neighbor from hell.

According to National Enquirer, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin recently moved into their $25.8 million house in the Beverly Park area in Los Angeles. And they are, allegedly, having a blast.

Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin’s neighbors not thrilled to have them around

But the source claimed that the same cannot be said about Bieber and Baldwin’s neighbors. Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington, and Sylvester Stallone are just some of Bieber and Baldwin’s neighbors.

“This is an old-school crowd that prides itself on privacy. Justin’s clashes with previous neighbors and party-hearty reputation aren’t exactly a selling point. Nobody wants to deal with his adolescent drama!” the source said.

Justin Bieber partied with friends without a face mask on 

Justin Bieber partied with friends without a face mask on

The insider also revealed that Bieber recently threw a birthday party for Justine Sky. The paparazzi, reportedly, snapped private photos at the bash that shows the guests not wearing masks.

But last month, Mayor Eric Garcetti urged the residents to not hold public and private gatherings regardless of how many people are there. He also encouraged everyone to wear face masks and practice social distancing.

Justin, Hailey’s neighbors keeping a close eye on them

According to the source, Bieber and Baldwin’s neighbors are worried that they could cause health problems in the neighborhood. As such, they will, allegedly, be watching the couple like hawks.

“Any big, noisy parties, or even fast cars down side streets and they’ll all be ready to drive the Biebers back to where they came from,” the source said.

More dubious claims about the couple

All sorts of rumors about Justin Bieber and Baldwin have been rife in recent years. Now to Love previously claimed that the model threatened to leave her husband shortly after they tied the knot.

Around the same time, National Enquirer claimed that the couple couldn’t agree on when they should have kids. Bieber, allegedly, wanted to get Baldwin pregnant immediately, but the model isn’t keen to have a child just yet.

OK! magazine also, allegedly, Baldwin was pregnant and alone. Following an alleged heated argument, the “Baby” singer, allegedly, walked out on his wife.

“Things aren’t good between Justin and Hailey right now. The word is that they recently got into a terrible fight – and Justin walked out ended things for good,” the source said.

The tabloid also claimed that Baldwin was already three months pregnant then and she was stressed out.

However, none of the tabloids claims about Justin Bieber and Baldwin are correct.

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