K-dramas and other shows halted due to COVID-19


Many dramas and production have to temporarily stop filming due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The drama River Where the Moon Rises halted its filming on November 19, where a source from the said drama stated that on November 24, the background actor or “extra” tested positive for COVID-19. The drama has the stars Ji Soo, Kim So Hyun, and more.

The agency already got him tested after the source notified them. They came in close contact with a confirmed case.

Waiting for the test results

The source added that to follow the government’s COVID-19 rules and regulations, the drama would temporarily stop the filming as they wait for the test results.

The same day, the background actors gathered to film a mob scene to not cross paths with the drama’s main cast.

No online conference for “The Uncanny Counter”

Moreover, the OCN drama The Uncanny Counter that stars Jo Byeong Gyu, Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong, and more postponed their online conference.

The production scheduled the conference for November 23. But the show films on a neighboring set and some epidemiological survey is needed to be carried out.

However, later that day, a source from the show said they decided to resume their filming on November 25.

They stated that they completed the requested survey, and the actor did not come in close contact with the cast or staff of The Uncanny Counter.

COVID-19 threat on the actors

Also, a source from the Netflix series I Wish the World Would End Tomorrow has a case under investigation.

The background actor came in close contact with a confirmed case. All the production team who potentially been in contact with them received a negative result.

The production team will continue the filming as scheduled and follow the health authorities and the government’s guidelines.

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