K-pop group VICTON confirmed comeback with new album

Play M Entertainment recently revealed that VICTON would be releasing a new album on December 1.

The comeback set to release soon marks the third for this year for VICTON, precisely six months after its previous release.

In light of the 4th anniversary of VICTON, the album will serve as a special gift to fans. And to celebrate its debut’s 4th anniversary, VICTON will be holding a fan meeting titled 2020 VICTON FAN MEETING: Back to the Wonderland.

The 4th Anniversary Fan Party

The primary purpose of VICTON’s fan-meeting is to spread a message of hope and positivity. Simultaneously, spend some quality time with the group’s fans in celebration of their 4th debut anniversary.

Furthermore, the event is a fan party marking the 4th anniversary of VICTON’s debut. Also, to alleviate the regret that they have not met fans in person due to the restrictions of COVID-19.

The 2020 VICTON FAN MEETING will also be including an on-tact performance. It will be catering to 500 fans. This conduct of this upcoming face-to-face event is under thorough quarantine and vigilance to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection.

Those who can’t join the face-to-face can look at the fan club’s pre-sale on the 26th at Interpark and participation in the on-tact fan meeting on the 27th.

This will be the first two years for all VICTON members to be together in a fan meeting. The previous was in 2018 with WELCOME TO WONDERLAND.

VICTON’s Recent Issue

Earlier this month, the VICTON members were under fire for being accused insensitive and ignorant of the tragedy of Breonna Taylor. They also receive flak over dancing to the song dedicated to her.

After being criticized by the netizens, Sejun then wrote that he is not aware of its meaning in the dance video. He expressed. “Everything is due to my carelessness. I sincerely apologize once again to the people overseas and to ALICE, who were hurt because of me.”

Image courtesy of VICTON/YouTube Screenshot

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