K-pop soloist Kim Chungha tests positive for COVID-19: Report

One of the K-pop industry’s biggest solo stars, Kim Chungha, is the latest Korean idol to have been announced positive for COVID-19.

Earlier, the solo artist Chungha was notified that she had contact with a confirmed patient. Immediately, she had herself tested.

However, after the release of the results, her agency, MNH Entertainment, confirmed that the singer is positive for COVID-19.

The female idol’s agency also revealed that the singer has halted all schedules and gone into self-isolation.

The idol’s colleagues, staff members, and other close contacts have been tested or will be tested soon.

Being one of the most bankable female solo artists in the K-pop scene, Chungha supposedly releases her single X on Thursday.

This is supposedly an advance release before dropping her first full-length album Querencia next month.

The shaken industry

After the news scattered that Chungha is positive for COVID-19, Momoland also got tested after using the same hair shop.

As shared by their agency, “Momoland and Chungha used the same hair shop. So all members conducted COVID-19 test as a preemptive measure.”

Furthermore, IZ*ONE also had an examination for COVID-19 and canceled their comeback live scheduled for today.

Swing Entertainment confirmed that they would conduct the COVID-19 test. This is for all staff and IZ*ONE member in consideration of their safety and health.

The agency added, “We are informing you that the appearance of the group on NAVER NOW’s ‘PANORAMA IZ*ONE’ will be canceled.”

The ripple-effect

Moreover, WJSN’s Yeonjung and Gugudan’s Mina also tested for COVID-19 after overlapping movements with Chungha.

Their agencies shared the news, saying that the artists received the COVID-19 test as a preemptive measure.

This is after they overlapped movements with a confirmed patient (Chungha). Following the health authorities’ guidelines, Yeonjung and Mina both started self-quarantine.

Meanwhile, as of this time in Korea, the music industry continues to be on high alert. After UP10TION’s Bitto and Kogyeol tested positive for the virus, the trot singer Lee Chan Won also became a COVID-19 confirmed patient.


Image courtesy of CHUNG HA_Official/YouTube Screenshot

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