‘Kaguya-Sama’ Chapter 224: Will Chika get mad at Kaguya when she finally confesses?

Kaguya-Sama Chapter 224

Fans are now waiting to see Kaguya-Sama Chapter 224. Kaguya seems ready to tell everyone about her brewing romance with Miyuki.

The previous episode shows an incredible turn of events. So, readers now want to know what Kaguya will do in Kaguya-Sama Chapter 224.

However, if there’s someone that they want to see the reaction to the situation, it’s Chika.

The revelation’s continuation

There are theories Chika may get incredibly mad, believing they left her out on Kaguya and Miyuki’s romance.

According to BlockToro, she may have felt betrayed, as she is the last to know about the news.

Kaguya may do her best to calm Chika, talk to her, and explain everything that has happened.

In addition, fans may also see Chika freaking out over Miko and Ishigami in Kaguya-Sama Chapter 224. This plot threat may continue from the new chapter forward.

Also, Ishigami and Iino may be the next big ship now that Miyuki and Kaguya start to hit it off.

As Aka Akasaka is now planning to end Miyuki and Kaguya’s story, he may finally reveal their future.

Will they officially end up together, have a happy ending, or someone is about to cry in the end?

There are only a few chapters left to the series, by the looks of it. So, the mangaka is now giving his best shot in each storyline.

Fans can expect Akasa to give each character’s plotline a fitting ending with its nearing conclusion.

Chapter 223 recap

In Kaguya-Sama Chapter 223, Kaguya and Miyuki gathered everyone to make a serious confession.

Ishigami thought it would be about an issue in the student council, so Miyuki finally spoke up.

Miyuki explained he came to realize that Kaguya wanted everyone to know the real deal between them.

He then finally admitted that he was in love with Kaguya, but it looked like they were the ones surprised.

The news never came as a surprise for the student council after they heard Miyuki’s confession, OtakuKart News noted.

They seemed to already know their secret as Ishigami said they thought they were about to hear something else.

He then said that everyone already knew they were dating. When Miyuki asked how, Ishigami revealed he had seen the incredible spark between them since day one.

It looks like there will be more confessions happening when Kaguya-Sama Chapter 224 drops on Friday, April 16, on Viz Media. This time, Kaguya has to confront Chika.

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