‘Kaguya-Sama’ Chapter 237 spoilers: The upcoming special exchange event


Kaguya-Sama Chapter 237 may be all about the upcoming exchange event and everyone will be preparing for it in the next chapter forward.

Everything is working smooth as of late, but is it only the calm before the storm? Something big may be bound to happen and this bliss may only last for a moment in Kaguya-Sama Chapter 237.

A Very Special Event

Something may cause a huge problem while everyone is in bliss. A conflict may arrive that will ruin this peace as everyone waits for the exchange event.

The students are hoping for the best to happen in this very special event. As this will finally occur in no time, they are all looking forward to it.

With the many things that may happen, one thing is for sure. Kaguya and Miyuki may steal the spotlight during this event.

According to Epic Dope, they may take everyone’s attention and dance the night away. But before this happens, Kaguya-Sama Chapter 237 may feature their rehearsals first before the actual event occurs.

Chapter 236 Recap

Kei started to share a bond with her brother’s girlfriend, Kaguya. She knew if they ended up married, she would be her sister-in-law.

However, she was worried that something might happen between the two even without getting married.

She believed it would be best to get married first before Miyuki touched Kaguya, OtakuKart News noted. So, Kei did everything she could that night to avoid something romantic from happening between them.

She sat between Kaguya and Miyuki when they watched TV together. This made the latter wonder about his sister’s strange act.

She then got up and invited Kaguya to freshen up. Miyuki continued watching TV. Later, he decided to sleep and told Kei to go to bed.

She agreed and wondered whose room Kaguya would sleep in. To solve the problem, Miyuki suggested sleeping in the same room together, laying three futons for all of them.

Though he wanted to spend some quality time with Kaguya, Kei made it impossible to happen.

Anyhow, Miyuki stayed firm to have Kaguya sleep in his room. He used school staff as an alibi, saying they should talk about it in his room.

Kaguya joined him, but Kei joined them. Miyuki called her out and said brats should already go to bed because it was late.

She agreed and later returned only to find Miyuki touching Kaguya.

What happens from here can be seen when Kaguya-Sama Chapter 237 drops on Thursday, Sept. 9.

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